Success Stories and Testimonials

“I have been getting some very good consultants or candidates to fill some jobs.”

Tim Tottenham, Recruiter, PlantIT Search, Canada

“Thanks for letting us post on DevBistro -- we've gotten many responses to our job ads thru it!”

Judy Allen, Recruiter, Steinman Recruiting Associates

“I am very happy with the resumes we are able to review on DevBistro and your great customer service has not gone unnoticed!”

Donna Bradshaw, Gables Search Group, Inc.

“One very nice thing I saw was when I posted a job on Devbistro, I did a google search and #5 on the results was my job posting. Very GOOD JOB, Devbistro!”

Greg Payne, Technical Recruiter, Strategi LLC

“Your site is terrific! I see many applicants I'd like to contact, and I've just signed up.”

David Atlas, Manager of Graphic Services, Allied Advertising

“I wanted a job posting and resume search site which is affordable and gives a better ROI. And what did I get? A free and powerful site with excellent visibility and I have always received quality responses within 24 hrs. The whole experience using your site . login, job posting, editing or deleting is as easy as 1-2-3. Your development team deserves kudos. Thanks for providing a utility tool, absolutely free and I have received responses from all parts of the world.”

Jay Annadatha, President & CEO, Better Minds Consulting, LLC

“I have been very pleased with the quality of the candidates I receive from DevBistro. Several have become placements.”

Don Riddle, Owner, Professional Search of the Carolinas

“I have been using Dev Bistro for over a year now and find it to be one of the best free sites not only for posting jobs, but for identifying top talent as well. I have found some great candidates possessing unique skill sets on Dev Bistro that I have not been able to find on other sites. I highly recommend this site and look forward to achieving future success by continuing to use Dev Bistro..”

Dawn Dizney, Sr. Technical Recruiter

“Thanks to your site, I was able to quickly fill a .NET position for a client of mine in Alaska. You allowed a great match to be made in a timely mannger-thanks very much!”

Elizabeth Howe, Recruiter

“DevBistro is great. It's easy to post positions, and the response is great. Keep up the great work!”

Gary Naranjo, Career Counselor, A.C.Coy Company

“Thanks for having a great online resource to connect people and work!!!”

J. Hamilton, Offshoot, Inc.

“i was very happy with the responses that i received from my devbistro posting. in fact, i took it down because i found a very nice developer. i found your website easy to use and the quality of the applicants to be very good. thanks for providing devbistro for the web!”

denise, denise biondo studio,

“I put a position up and checked out your website. It looks good! I wish I would have known about the site before. Thank you!”

Elaine Steele, Manager, Recruiting and Human Resources, Dante Consulting

“Your service was excellent and we could fill all the positions we were looking for.”

Michael Peckmann, VP,, A Division of Art Of Doing Publishing, Inc.

“Your site is wonderful. In only a couple of days I have already gotten 2 freelance jobs from the site. Keep up the good work.”


“Quick, frank, informative and intuitive with an interface that doesn't get in the way. Its not the most flashy design but not only does it get the job done but its a pleasure to work with as it is non-intrusive.”

Chris, Cyberica Media

“I just wanted to give you some kudos for a job well done. Your site is the least annoying, least commercial and easiest to use site amongst HUNDREDS of competitors that I've been signing up with recently to pursue freelance programming jobs. I'm so sick of those project bidding frenzy boards with a million script kiddies claiming to get things done for peanuts - they are not worth my time. In contrast, your site ROCKS because it is simple - no terrible banners and flashy ads, no tedious clicking, just PURE CONTENT. Your site IS WORTH MY TIME to visit again and again. I really appreciate it and wish you every success.”

Christer Kaitila B.Sc., Software Developer,

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