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Security Engineer

Primary Skills
CCNA,CISSP,CCSA(Checkpoint firewall),Network Engineer,Security Engineer




IT 'hands on' Management, Network Management, System Administration, Security Administration or Technical Analyst for Local and Wide Area Networks.

• Design and Propose a Project Management Office
• Materials Management conversion, $2M, 3 year
• Lotus Notes conversion from cc:mail, $1M, 6 months, 4000+ Clients
• WindowsNT conversion from Windows 3.x, $1M, 1 year, 1500+ Clients
• Infrastructure re-design, multi 1Gbps uplinks, Cisco Routers and Switches
• Internet access re-design, redundancy, Proxy, Firewall complex, load balancers

• Graduate of the University of Illinois
• System Administrator; UNIX System V, 4.3BSD UNIX
• DEC VAX/OpenVMS System Manager
• MIS Operations Manager
• EDP Manager, Systems and Programming
• Network Manager, Information Systems
• Certified Novell Engineer (CNE, CNE-4, Master CNE)
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
• IS Information Technology Manager
• Senior Network Engineer
• Infrastructure Engineering Design Group Leader
• Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)
• Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Certifications (current): Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA+Security), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Checkpoint NGX Security appliance/Firewall Certified Security Administrator (CCSA).

Certifications (legacy): Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Win2000 (MCSE), Master Certified Novell Engineer Netware 6 (MCNE).

Firewalls/Operating Environments: Checkpoint NGX (Intermediate), Firewall-1 (Intermediate), Cisco PIX (Intermediate), Cisco ASA (Capable via OJT), Sun Solaris, Linux, Cisco IOS, HP/UX 10.x, Unix, ITIL.

Communications: TCP/IP, EGRP/BGP/HSRP, OSPF/RIP, PPP, Local and Wide Area Networking, Sonet, 100Base/1000Base Ethernet Networks, 802.11 Wireless LAN, MPLS.

Software systems and languages: HP OpenView, NFS, Firewall-1, Oracle ProC, SQLplus, 'C', Cobol, Pascal, Basic, Unix Shell/awk/sed, Perl.

January 2000 Infrastructure Analyst Team, Group Leader, Design and Planning.
to Feb. 2009 EDS (United Airlines), Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Responsible for Leadership of an Infrastructure Network Design Team. The Design Team was tasked with Enterprise Network Design and Level 4 support of United Airlines computer Networks. The scope of the position entails full Design responsibility for Network expansion, addition, and Technology upgrade Designs, in a large Corporate environment supporting in excess of 5000 nodes, nationwide and international remote locations. These Designs encompass the United Airlines Corporate and Reservation Networks. Develop Network Design Plans and provide Project Management, Technical support, resource allocation and assignment, for Design Team efforts. Develop Network Design Requirements with the requesting Business Client. Schedule and submit Designs for Design Technical Review, attain Approval. Directly responsible for the Design of United Airlines Secure Network Zones, Public, Private Trusted, and VPN, in addition to the Development of Checkpoint and Cisco PIX/ASA Firewall Rules, including their Life Cycle Implementation. Performed new Network equipment and OS Compliance Certification. The hardware includes Cisco Core, Distribution, Access Layer-3/2 switches, and Routers, servicing internal and Vendor Networks. Layer-3 devices utilize BGP-4 and OSPF routing protocols. Cisco Layer-3 distribution switches are based on a 10Gbps backbone. Subnets to these Networks are in excess of 500, utilizing Corporate Class B, internal and Private IP sub and super net addressing. Hosts include multiple mainframe, Server, and Web units, including Firewalls, Firewall load balancers, Routers, and Ethernet switches, based on fault tolerant, failover, Designs.

Major Projects (United Airlines)
• Design implementation of United Airlines Internet Firewall, RadWare and F5 load balancers
• Re-Design United Airlines Internet access infrastructure
• Design Internet access fault tolerance, failover, capability, Proxy and DNS Servers.
• Lead Design for the United Airlines Headquarters infrastructure upgrade to Cisco Layer-3/Layer-2 hierarchical Switched Network topology
• Design United Airlines Corporate and Reservation Networks

January 1998 Information Systems Manager, Information Systems
to Jan. 2000 Arlington International Racecourse; Arlington Heights, Illinois
The position's scope entails full, 'hands on', responsibility for strategic planning, maintenance, problem determination and resolution, related to the operation of a moderate sized, multiple server integrated Information System Network, reporting to the Vice President of Finance. Manage the Network, Unix Administrative, PBX, and Desktop support Staff. Assign personnel to projects and direct their activities; review and evaluate their work and prepare performance reports. Confer with and advise subordinates on administrative policies and procedures, technical problems, priorities and methods. Maintain the operational readiness of all computer systems, provide expert knowledge to resolve technical problems, in support of all installed System, Network or Telecommunications products, maintain System and Network availability to meet production schedules, monitor and tune all Systems equipment and software to obtain maximum efficiency; develop, install, test and configure application software, including operating systems; plan and co-ordinate the installation of additional hardware or software; develop and maintain the IS infrastructure Disaster Recovery Plan, Capacity Plan and Security Policy. The Corporate environment includes WindowsNT 4.0 Domain, SCO Unix, Cisco routers, 100BaseT switch Network based on 3Com switches, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange.

Major Projects.
Responsible for the Design and deployment of a complete infrastructure overhaul, including Compaq Windows NT 4.0 Servers, conversion from a 10BaseT shared environment to a switched backbone. Implement a Frame Relay Network supporting satellite Off Track Betting facilities, with ISDN dial backup, SCO Unix Server supporting a critical Racing application, Standardized Desktops, wireless link to a Track out-building, Microsoft SQL, Exchange Servers, DNS, DHCP, WINS.

This Project was initiated by Arlington International Racecourse, to replace unreliable, unsupportable Servers, upgrade the Infrastructure and address Y2K concerns.

Sep. 1996 Divisional Information Technology Manager, Global Information Systems.
to Jan. 1998 3Com Corp./U.S. Robotics, Skokie, Illinois.
Responsible for planning, maintenance, problem determination and resolution, for a large, multiple server, multiple platform Information Systems Network, reporting to the Director of Technical Services. Assign personnel to projects and direct their activities; review and evaluate their work and prepare performance reports. Confer with and advise subordinates on administrative policies and procedures, technical problems, priorities and methods. Maintain the operational readiness of all Systems and provide expert knowledge in support of all installed System, Network or Telecommunications products, maintain System and Network availability to meet production schedules; install, test, configure application software and operating systems; develop and maintain the IS infrastructure Security Policy, Disaster Recovery and Capacity Plans. .Manage a support Staff of 15, and budget of approximately $2000K. The Corporate environment included HP/UX, WindowsNT 4.0, Novell Netware 4.x Servers, Cisco Routers, FDDI backbone, in a large scale LAN/WAN/ voice environment, supporting 2000+ Client Users.

Major Projects; CC:Mail to Lotus Notes, 4000+ units, Windows 3.11 to WindowsNT desktop conversions, 2000+ units.

March 1993 Network Manager, Information Systems.
to Sep. 1996 Quest Diagnostics/Corning Clinical Laboratories, Wood Dale, Il.
Responsible for Microsoft NT 3.51 and Novell Netware 4.1 Network Operating Systems, Ethernet Network devices and configuration. Designed and implemented Local Area Networking in a primarily legacy mainframe environment. Directed a staff of two support technicians. Fully responsible for all LAN/WAN Networks, file/print and application servers.

July 1988 Manager, Systems and Programming, Electronic Data Processing.
to Feb. 1993 GTE Airfone Inc., Oak Brook, Illinois.
Plan and direct systems analysis, design and implement new systems applications. Assign, schedule and control a programmer/analyst staff of eight, in an Oracle, ProC, SQLplus environment. Manage budget of $500K - $1000K. Administrator for Oracle Database, and Novell Netware 3.11 environments. Provided billing processing, real time Network monitoring, Communications, Engineering, Financial and Marketing support, for an Air to Ground Telecommunications system. Participation in the development of a Project Management Office and a Software Quality Assurance Plan based on DOD-2167.

July 1986 Operations Manager, Management Information Systems.
to June 1988 Reuters/RICH Inc., Franklin Park, Illinois.
Responsibilities included all data processing activities, including computer operations, operations support and software systems analysis. The corporate facility provided support for Engineering development, product support, Manufacturing, and Finance. Administrator for Unix SystemV.

1984-1986 Bally Mfg., IT Systems Administrator
1976-1984 Digital Equipment Corp., Field Service Engineer
1972-1976 Singer Business Machines, Field Service Engineer
1971-1972 3M Co., factory

Sept. 1967 University of Illinois.
to June 1971 Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.
Awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a Major in Psychology and a split Minor in Physics and Mathematics.

References will be furnished on request

CCSA(Checkpoint Cert Security Admin)


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