IBM Mainframe Systems Operations Engineer, Operator Analyst Resume

IBM Mainframe Systems Operations Engineer, Operator Analyst

Primary Skills

US-CA-Carlsbad (will consider relocating)


Veteran Level Computer Operator with over 30 years of IBM Mainframe batch processing skills in DOS/VM/z/VSE, z/OS/MVS/TSO, 18 years of TANDEM, and over 10 years of AIX | UNIX environments.
Good communication and documentation skills with the ability to meet established (SLA) objectives.
A self starter with a strong attention to details, and a positive professional team attitude in problem resolution & escalation

- (Direct Hire) -
University of California, (San Diego)
Start Date: Jan 04, 2010 - Present
Title: Sr. Lead Opr - Computer Operations
- Data Center Operations -
IBM Mainframe, (System Operations & Applications Engineer)
Knowledge Base:DB2, CICS, JES2, z/OS/MVS, TSO, SYSVIEW, HMC, (3584) Tape Management System, Job Scheduler: ZEKE
Sun UNIX, (Server, Level - 1 Support)
Knowledge Base: Sybase, SunNet Manager, Job Schedulers: Autosys, ZENA (Server)
Additional Knowledge Base: Technical Writer, (Documentation)

- (Contract Assignment History) -

CDI Business Solutions / IBM Boulder Campus - (Contractor)
Start Date: May 03, 2009 - End Date: Dec 29, 2009
- Service Delivery Center -
Systems Operations Engineer | Operator Analyst
IBM (z/OS/MVS),z/VSE/VM) Mainframe Systems & Applications
Knowledge Base: DB2, CICS, IMS, JCL, JES2, JES3, TSO, SDSF, AF Remote, HMC, Omegamon,
Job Schedulers: CA-7-11, ZEKE, Control-M

Strategic Staffing Solutions / JPMorganChase - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: Madison, MS
Start Date: Dec 2006 - End Date: June 05, 2008
Position/Title: Computer Operator | z/VSE/ICCF
Responsibilities: Monitor Mainframe production applications & tape backups
Conduct: Nightly health & validation checks for Web Application servers
Perform IBM system: IPL | POR | LPAR Weighing (HMC)
Applications: Intuit Track-It (Helpdesk), Microsoft Operations Mgmt (Web-Console)
Additional tasking: HP laser and IBM impact printing.

Tech Mahindra / AT&T - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: North San Diego, CA
Start Date: May 2006 - End Date: September 2006
Position: TANDEM (HP) | UNIX Operations Mgmt & Production Support
Responsibilities: Perform QA Testing & Validations for Enterprise server applications.
Facilitate customer support, incident and escalation procedures
Perform problem & change management procedures - (Vantive)
Working knowledge of Workload Manager Scheduler - (ESP)
Utilities & Applications: Batchcom, Pathcom, Spoolcom, Prognosis | WinRunner.

TEKsystems / MESSA - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: East Lansing, MI
Start Date: Feb 2006 - End Date: Apr 2006
Position/Title: Computer Operator (HP|UNIX)
Responsibilities: Perform nightly production job executions, and printing
Utilities & Applications: ORACLE | PeopleSoft, TIDAL (Scheduler), HP OpenView, EMC (Storage Management)

CDI Corp. / IBM Corp. - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: Boulder, CO
Start Date: Dec 2004 - End Date: Oct 2005
Position/Title: Systems Operations Engineer | Operator Analyst
Responsibilities: Facilitate Customer support, incident and escalation procedures.
Problem & change mgmt procedures (Tivoli Service Desk)
Monitor multiple (LPAR) batch processing in, z/OS/ MVS/TSO, ISPF/SDSF, and OMEGAMON
Monitor AIX Server (Distributed Computing Services) environment
Working knowledge of OPC/ESA (TWS) Scheduler, IMS, RACF, JES2 editing & restarts
Working knowledge of IBM Tivoli System Automation, and NetView
Performing IBM System: IPL|POR|SAD: (HMC)
Proficient skills in Lotus Notes & Microsoft Windows Desktop Applications

Just Technical Ass. / CenturyTel - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: Monroe, LA
Start Date: Sep 2004 - End Date: Oct 2004
Position/Title: Computer Operator
Responsibilities: System monitoring, and Tape Mgmt System IBM-3494
Batch Processing in, z/OS/MVS/TSO, and CA-7-11 environments
Working knowledge of CA-7-11, JES2 edits and restarts

Rose International / SBC - (Contractor)
Job Site Location: Troy, MI
Start Date: Jul 2002 - End Date: Mar 2004
Position/Title: Computer Operator
Responsibilities: System monitoring data & file transfers, system backups, and scheduling.
Customer support, incident and escalation reporting, problem & change mgmt - (Remedy).
Batch Processing in, z/OS/MVS/TSO/SDSF, and CA-7-11 , JES2 editing & restart environments.
Working knowledge of DB2, DCOM, IMS, TMON, AND CA-BUNDL
Working knowledge of: AUTOSYS Front End (GUI)
Launching (AUTOSYS-GUI) control panel using UNIX commands
Creating filters (AUTOSYS-GUI) for monitoring and reporting nightly scheduled jobs
Perform customer support for (UNIX) a-bends, editing & restarts.
Proficient skills in Microsoft Windows_ 2000 & XP Desktop Applications
Internet Interactions & Ftp TCP/IP Protocols, CA-1 TMS & DLT Backups

Visual Services Inc. - (Direct Hire)
Job Site Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Start Date: Mar 1985 - End Date: Apr 2002
Position/Title: Senior Operator / Shift Leader
Responsibilities: Mentor & Train New-Hires On-Shift
System monitoring , system backups and production scheduling.
Monitor batch processing in S390/VM/VSE2, JCL editing & restart environments
Perform System IPL: IBM 3270 Emulator Drag & Drop, FTP Protocols, CA-1 TMS & DLT Backups.
IBM Network Applications Command Environment: CICS RSCS - and VTAM (NJE, RJE)
Management of multi platforms, and related NT networks, processing of AIX & UNIX scripted applications.
Working knowledge of TANDEM: Batchcom, Pathcom, Spoolcom.
Proficient skills in XEROX DP95 & 4890 Laser printing and setups.
Additional Information:
Industry References available upon request
Pay Rate: (Market)
Availability: USA | INTL
Passport Expires: 10/01/2011
CA,UK,AU,NZ,IND,UAE | Visa/Work Sponsorship (Needed)

Oakland Comm. College_ Farmington Hills Mi. / Computer Science (IS) / 9-70 to 4-73
Control Data Inst. _ Southfield, MI /Computer Science (CE) / Certification 12-73


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