RDBMS Specialist Resume

RDBMS Specialist

Primary Skills
Oracle, MS Access, SQL query optimization, Data/Root cause Analysis, Report generation




o 19 Years experience as an Information Technology Professional. Creating full life cycle solutions as Database Administrator/Senior Analyst, Technical Lead in Automotive Web-based applications, Inventory control, Health-Care industry, Retail Web--Site HR applications.

o RDBMS (Oracle, Informix, MS Access) Database Administration / Application Design and Development -- Implementation, Design, Administration, DB security, Performance Tuning, Data Modeling, migration, 24 / 7 On-Call. Extensive OEM, DDL/DML design / data quality analysis / ETL work. SQL- Query optimization expertise, including data integrity analysis for application customization testing, and creating analytical metrics.

o LINUX / UNIX Systems Administration -- Database and application integration efforts; CVS system installation experience; Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs.

o MS ACCESS --Designed / deployed an Access-based inventory tracking system at Ford, enjoying ISO-9002 controls audit success. Extensive Sarbanes-Oxley compliance work, implementing database security controls that led to GAO and FCS internal Quality/Audit success; Created numerous MS Access other ad-hoc applications as needed

o Process and Application Documentation Author -- Authored scores of technical specification and process documents, which arose from the Ford Inventory control application I designed; basis of ISO-9002, GAO and internal QA audit success.

Oracle University Modules:
Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL (PL/SQL-SQL-plus) May 2004
Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals I (architecture, OEM, Schema design) June 2004
Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals II (RMAN-backup-recovery) July 2004
MS Access Intermediate Database design and Administration Dec 2001
INFORMIX-Online Database Administration October 1995
SCO Unix Systems application development September 1995
'ZenaComp' Informix-4GL application development April 1995


Bachelor of Arts - Interdisciplinary Degree from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
Major - Language (German) and International Trade Minor - Business Computers (Programming)
All college funding self-generated.

Informix 4GL IBM RS6000 HP/UX
Progress 4GL HP 3000/6000/9000 Windows 98/NT/2000
ASP HTML Pyramid Tech DOS

Oracle RMAN UNIX Shell Scripting SQL+ OEM/DBCA
Informix MS Office Suite (Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint, Visio)
Progress CVS ASP ODBC Oracle Reports Developer


Ciber Corporation Southfield, MI 6/07 -- current

For Thyssen-Krupp As Data Architect (Environment:SQL Server, Access)

o RDBMS Application design architecture -- DB Schema design/architecture for all database objects and processing procedures
o Application design for national pricing team's materials costing requirement -- Executed the entire design, creation and deployment in MS Access.
o Direct technical liaison with business sales and resale executive teams, translating needs analysis into technical solutions.

For R.L. Polk As Consultant (Environment: Oracle 10g; SUN Solaris, LINUX)

o Oracle Database development / report programming within multiple test, development and production applications -- GM strategic financial and sales experience projects
o Oracle Report Developer application reporting development
o RFD to JSP migration, using extensive HTML coding techniques.

For Visteon Corporation As Oracle DBA (Environment: Multiple Oracle 8,9i,10g; SUN, LINUX, AIX)

o Oracle Database administration in support of multiple test, development and production applications -- extensive DDL/DML and Schema design work for strategic projects using OEM, StatsPack, DBload processing. Executed schema and DB-level database refresh projects.
o Administered Database Security and userID creation for development and applications side access
o Installation of Oracle Software / migrations / patching, OEM installation, process engineering.
o Oracle Database Client installation, data modeling, DB creation and application development support/instruction/guidance, conforming to IBM technical requirements for both OLTP and OLAP platforms.

Daimler-Chrysler (through Wel-Tek) Auburn Hills, MI 9/06 -- 6/07
As Systems / Process Engineer (Environment: Oracle, MS Access)

o Process design, extensive DDL/DML/Schema analysis in support of prototype engineering applications (Data Warehouse/Star Schema)
o Engineering/financial parts application administration, planning, security and design (FastCar).
o MS Access Application creation, development and data analysis in support of engineering prototype costing assessments (Oracle data warehouse backend, MS Access front end).

EDS -- (through Apex Systems) Troy, MI 10/05 -- 6/06
As Oracle Database Administrator (Environment: Multiple Oracle on HP-UX and Windows)

o Oracle DDL/DML/Schema design,DB performance tuning and analysis for ~40 multi-platform databases, all Oracle back-ends for the major GM retail websites, including userID/DB access and security.
o Oracle DBA supporting (24/7 on-call rotation) most eGM worldwide customer service-based websites. Worldwide, remote/VPN-based DBA support team (OnStar, Club Holden, etc). > 50% dial-in support.
o Heavy Oracle SQL-plus based data analysis, intensive UNIX scripting to create implementation solutions in support of Oracle-based application development initiatives.
o Backup and recovery exercising, DB stress test analysis, Oracle software installation and patching experience.
o Technical reviewer for Oracle-based database application implementation approval/peer review process.
o Substantial OEM StatsPack, SQL Analyze to record and aid in performance analysis and tuning.
o Heavy UNIX Scripting creation/auditing for Oracle-based application solutions implementation.

AT&T -- (through Agneto Corporation) Ann Arbor, MI 9/04 -- 9/05
As Database Administrator (contract) (Environment: Multiple Oracle, Informix, MS Access)

o Database administrator for the ACUS Division, part of a remote/VPN-based technical team.
o Oracle OEM console installation experience in support of relatively small production database instance.
o UNIX scripting to facilitate Oracle database export process for backup purposes.
o Substantial TAR work for Oracle database problem resolution and OEM install.
o Project lead for Informix version migration (to 7.31). Installation, configuration, DB/Schema management/ Design and applications testing for new version.
o Creation and deployment of MS Access-based user ID tracking and reporting application.
o DB Cloning, disaster recovery, performance tuning, process engineering and development support.

Munder Capital - (through Sierra ITS) Birmingham, MI 1/04 -- 5/04
As Database Administrator (contract) (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Informix SQL)

o Informix DBA and application development activities for the GIM Application, serving Munder Capital Investment, supporting their financial reporting and forecasting tool.
o DB maintenance and performance tuning, disaster recovery, process design and documentation.
o Data processing documentation. Created controlled documents (MS Word) covering application architecture and daily processing tasks.
o Support for application developers, data integrity/quality testing and UNIX systems integration.

Ford Motor - (through VisionIT) Detroit, MI 9/01 -- 1/04
As Systems Analyst (contract) (Environment: MS Access (Windows) - AIX-Informix SQL)

o Application design/data modeling, development, deployment and analysis of an MS Access-based inventory reconciliation and parts forecasting process for Ford Component Sales. Technical lead for team of 6 reconcilers and data entry personnel.
o Extensive Sarbanes-Oxley compliance work, implementing controls that led to audit success performed by ISO-9002, Ford's GAO and internal QA departments. Created MS Access Database/application security controls and userID access administration.
o Extensive controlled MS Word-based documentation for the entire project (including VISIO charting). The documentation that I authored covered application controls, data processing methodology, systems disaster recovery, vendor requirements and staff training.
o Data analysis, cleansing and remapping of legacy data elements (using MS Excel).
o Root cause analysis, data integrity/quality testing and processing streamlining in a UNIX/Informix environment.

St. Clair County ISD -- (through CCI) Southfield, MI 2/01 -- 8/01
As Consultant (Contract) (Environment: HP/UX-Informix SQL)

o DB and Systems Administration, development and support, backend and application duties for the Bi-Tech accounting systems software package.
o Performing maintenance, customization, performance tuning and user troubleshooting functions in support of 21 School District Databases, running IFX 7.31 on HP-UX/UNIX HP9000.
o Executed systems backup and recovery and application and database development duties.

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory Plymouth, MI 3/00 -- 2/01
As Database Administrator (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Informix SQL)

o Informix (7.3 Online) Database Administrator for the company's E-Commerce Websites. Performed Design, maintenance and performance tuning.
o ODBC configuration setting for Windows NT application platform data transfer.
o Work on the OS side included installation and propagation of the CVS change control package.
o Other activities include data integrity/quality testing, backup and recovery efforts and UNIX shell scripting. 4GL development, ASP, JAVA, and PERL with regard to problem solving and development.

Ford Motor -- (through MSX) Dearborn, MI 6/98 -- 3/00
As Database Administrator (Contract) (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Informix SQL)

o System and DB Administration, development and users support issues for Ford Motor Company's Pre-Production Prototype Plant.
o Analyzed and effected changes to existing code, as well as developing custom standalone report and application functionality and data integrity/quality testing.
o System Administration (UNIX-IBM Aix) duties include users access, restart, backup, disaster recovery, peripheral support using SMIT, TB/Onmonitor utilities.
o Hands on experience in DB and OS version migration ( Informix Online 5 to 7
o Executed Web-page updates including page and supporting data file updates and modifications for the Process Locator section of the Ford International web page.

Business Support Group Farmington Hills, MI 4/97 - 5/98
As Senior Programmer/Analyst (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Progress SQL)

o Customization, development and upgrade activities using the MXP light industrial manufacturing process package, a Progress/UNIX-based software application.
o Upgrades involve process analysis, table and index creation/population and custom and package program retro-fitting activities.
o Table/index manipulations, data integrity/quality testing , process evaluation/optimization, and other DBA activities were accomplished.

Domino's Pizza Ann Arbor, MI 1/96 - 4/97
As Senior Programmer/Analyst (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Informix SQL)

o In Distribution Systems, I led a team of consultants customizing, enhancing and supporting the Equipment and Supply (International) division's Order Entry/Inventory Control System, on an Informix/Unix platform.
o Application and data Processing MS Word-based documentation, including user training.
o Table/index manipulations, process optimization. Executed system and software upgrades
o Data integrity / quality testing. Custom table creation and population, custom and package index analysis and maintenance in relation to process performance.
o Other experience includes application utility analysis and enhancement, and some hardware/connectivity exposure.

Johnson Controls -- (through Indecon) Southfield, MI 7/95 -- 12/95
As Consultant (Contract) (Environment: UNIX/SCO-Informix SQL)

ValueRx Bloomfield Hills, MI 10/94 -- 7/95
As Programmer/Analyst (Environment: UNIX/AIX-Informix SQL)

Medstat Systems Ann Arbor, MI 4/91 - 1994
As Client Team Analyst (Environment: HP/Fortran) 9/93 - 10/94
As Database Processor - Database Operations 8/92 - 9/93
As Computer Operator - Database Operations 4/91 - 1992

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