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Remedy Developer

Primary Skills
Oracle, Sybase, Sql server, MS Access Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, HTML, Shell Scripting, C, Perl Scripting




Certification in ITIL, ITSM Service Desk, ChangeManagement

An accomplished Remedy Administrator and Developer. Extensive IT experience of 12 years in analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of various business applications under the following software product environments: Remedy ARS (7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x), ITSM (7.x, 6.x, 5.x), SRM, Oracle, Sybase, Sql server, MS Access Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, HTML, Shell Scripting, C, Perl Scripting, JSP,ASP, Oracle Applications on various operating systems Windows, Solaris, Linux.
Possess excellent communication, logical and analytical skills.


Senior Remedy Developer
12/2008 - Present
USPS - Rockville, MD
This Project Involved in Installation, Configuration and customization of ITSM 7.x.
* Involved in Installation, Configuration, Design and Customization of Service Desk, Change Management, Task Management, SLM and CMDB as per Requirements.
* Involved in Business requirement gathering, high level technical design and detailed technical design.
* Involved in Configuration of ITSM 7.x.
* Created staging forms for foundation data.
* Responsible for development, unit testing and migration.
* Involved in integration with IVR, postal lease and pin data base.
* Involved in migration of existing system CSS 5.6 to ITSM 7.x.
* Involved in Migration of developed code windows to Solaris Env.
* Installed configured, published Crystal Reports.
* Created new reports using Remedy and customized OOTB crystal reports as per business requirement.
* Responsible for administration of Development and Testing Server.
Environment: CMDB 2.x, ITSM 7.x, ARS 7.x running on Windows, Solaris using Oracle database.

Senior Remedy Developer
04/2008 - 11/2008
Freddie Mac - McLean, VA
This Project involved in development of custom applications including Service Request, Change Project, Inventory Management, Finding's management and Model Reviews for the governance, ERO.
* Responsible for technical design, development, unit testing and migration
* Involved in extending the CMDB and customized as per the business requirements.
* Created Migration scripts, packages for migration between the servers.
Environment: CMDB 2.x, ITSM 7.x, ARS 7.x running on Windows using
SqlServer database.

10/2007 - 04/2008
Merrill Lynch - New York, NY
Senior Remedy Consultant
* This project involved in customization of ITSM 7.x, CMDB 2.x.
* Involved in design, develop, migration, documentation.
* Involved in creating templates for configuration data and created staging forms and workflow for configuration data.
* Designed and customized change Management, Asset Management and Incident Management as per business requirements.
* Created Recon Jobs, attributes and datasets in CMDB and
* Used Reconciliation to identify, compare and merge datasets from external data sources into CMDB.
* Used AIE to import data into CMDB classes and relationship classes from almost 20 data sources.
* Customized approval server as per business requirements.
* Used migrator to migrate the code and data.
* Created web services to create and modify ticket information from the custom application to ITSM.
Environment: CMDB 2.x, ITSM 7.x, ARS 7.x running on Linux using Oracle database.

03/2007 - 09/2007
Sprint - Reston, VA
Senior Remedy Developer/Admin
* This project involved in Installation, Integration, Configuration and Customization of the ARS7.x, ITSM 7.x.
* Involved in integration between NETCOOL, Remedy and TRS (Mainframe).
* Involved in Installation and Configuration of the Test and Development environments.
* Installed and Configured and Customized CMDB.
* Installed and Configured EIE to import data from external databases to CMDB and ARS.
* Consumed and published Web Services to integrate between NETCOOL, Remedy and TRS.
* Customized the OOTB ITSM7.x, CMDB2.x as per the company's business requirements.
* Configured LDAP to authenticate people information.
* Used Remedy Migrator to migrate workflow and data between servers.
* Involved in applying patches, licenses, troubleshooting of ARS server.
* Responsible for ARS system administration and Production support.

Environment: CMDB 2.x, ITSM 7.x, ARS 7.x running on Solaris using Oracle database.

05/2005 - 11/2005 and 05/2006 - 02/2007
Fannie Mae -Reston, VA
Senior Remedy Developer/Admin

* This Project Involved in Development of new Applications Database Modification, Restatement Request.
* Integrated with Helpdesk, ChangeManagement, AssetManagement, Approval Server and Telealert.
* Customized the OOB Change Management and Custom Applications according to the SOX Remediation requirements.
* Re-designed the Approval process for Change Management based on the SOX Remediation requirements and ESM Request Tracking application based on the business requirements.
* Customized the OOB Help Desk Module, Asset Management as per the company's business requirements.
* Integration and enhancements to the import criteria from Helpdesk to Clear Quest.
* Deployed Service Level Agreement's (SLA) for escalation notifications and paging in order to speed up the process of resolving the tickets (SOX and Restatement requirement).
* Involved in up gradation from ARS 5.X to ARS 6.X
* Worked on the performance of the application by adding indexes on commonly used fields and setting QBE match, avoiding the server termination by excluding the escalators and distributed servers.
* As an Admin, need to check the server performance, error logs, permissions, grant access and archiving the data.
* Worked with UAT team to prepare a user document and business process document for reference.

Environment: ITSM 6.x, Telalert, ARS 6.3 running on Solaris using Sybase database.

12/2005 - 04/2006
IBM -Tulsa, OK
Senior Remedy Developer/Admin
AR System Application contains Enterprise Trouble Ticket, ETT-Outage Process, ETT-HR Functions, ETT-E&P Service Center, ETT-Security Functions, Payroll/AP and Midstream modules.
* Created High-level and detail design required to develop new applications.
* Extensively involved in evaluation, documentation and requirement analysis.
* Provided expert assistance to management and non-technical staff.
* Actively involved in creating functional and technical specifications.

Environment: ARS 5.5 running on AIX using Sybase database.

08/2004 - 04/2005
Royal Caribbean - Miami, FL
Remedy Developer/Admin
* This project involved enhancing the ITSM and Developing Sales Automation, Procurement, Peer Review Applications.
* Designed and Developed new applications.
* Created forms, Views, Active Links, Filters, escalations and menus.
* Involved in integration of Sales application with Help Desk.
* Involved in integration of PRQ application with Approval Server.
* Involved in migration of the definitions from the development to production server.
* Responsible for System test plan execution & user acceptance tests.
* Responsible for Remedy Production Support team to assist users.

Environment: ARS 5.5 running on Windows2000 using Oracle database.

09/2003 - 07/2004
BMC - Houston,TX
Senior Remedy Developer/Admin
As a member of Migration team, worked for a Company that provides software solutions that empower companies to manage their information technology infrastructure from a business perspective
* This project involved Migration from Existing system Siebel, Vantive to Remedy
* Created tables in oracle database
* Created Views for existing tables and filters for workflow
* Used Remedy migrator to export and import data and definitions

Environment: ARS server 5.1 running on Sun Solaris using Oracle database.

12/2001 - 07/2003
Brocade Communications - San Jose, CA
Remedy Developer
* This project involved enhancing the existing Remedy service request (SR), contract management (CM) modules
* Developed new modules in defect management (Defect Management process, which is a key component of the Product Quality Identity Process) and request for enhancements (RFE) (Enables Engineering to effectively plan and schedule new features into existing or future product releases).
* Designed and Developed new modules using Remedy ARS 5.x
* Performed Remedy upgrades from ARS 4.5 to ARS 5.x
* Created Forms, Filters, Active links and Escalations for work flow
* Involved in enhancement of existing modules and installation of Remedy Email Engine using ARS 5.01
* Involved in migration of definitions and data using Remedy Migrator 5 and import and export tools

Environment: ARS server 5.x/4.5 running on Sun Solaris 2.8 using Oracle8.0 database. ARS client running on Windows NT 4.0

04/2001 - 10/2001
Alltel - Atlanta, GA
Remedy Developer
Alltel Corporation key functionality includes Wireless & Wire line for all kind of Business segments that consisted of long distance, local exchange carrier, Internet access and personal communication system and network management operations. It also provides wide-area paging and information processing management services.
* Involved in Customization of Remedy Help Desk4.0/5.0 Application
* Created Active Links, Filters, Menus and Escalations for Problem Management
* Responsible for modifications and enhancement of the existing Help Desk system
* Involved in maintaining Users, Groups and Permissions for different levels of
* Automatic paging services using the third party software TELE-MART
* Involved in migration of the definitions from the development to production server
* Responsible for Remedy Production Support team to assist users
* Developed different types of reports for Management using Crystal Reports

Environment: Help Desk 4.0/5.0, ARS server 4.5 running on Sun Solaris 2.6 Oracle8.0 database. ARS client running on Windows NT 4.0

02/2000 - 03/2001
CTC Communications Corp - Waltham, MA
Remedy Developer
* This project focuses on implementation of new business systems to support the sale of new internal IP-Centric Communications Services to the customers, in CTC's quest to become major CLEC
* Order Management & Provisioning of telecom services is implemented using Eftia OSS Solutions Inc.'s products - Master Scribe & Trans-Scribe. Master Scribe consists of a-Scribe, d-Scribe, n-scribe and pre-Scribe for Order Entry, Circuit & Asset Inventory Management, Number Tracking and Maintenance respectively these modules are Customized, Developed, Tested and Implemented for CTC requirements
* Involved in Designing and Development of Remedy schemas using Active Links, Filters, Menus and Escalations
* Responsible for modifications and enhancement of the existing system
* Used Remedy Import and Export for Migration of data and definitions
* Used various Eftia OSS Solutions Inc. products & tools for Customization
* Responsible for Remedy Production Support team to assist users
* Developed Reports using Crystal Reports

Environment: ARS server 4.5/4.3/4.2 running on Sun Solaris 2.5.1 using Oracle8.0 database. ARS client running on Windows NT 4.0

03/1999 - 01/2000
PSINet USA - Herndon, VA
Remedy Developer
* RCC (Remedy Customer Care) and Help Desk Package
* As member of RCC team, worked for a leading global facilities-based provider of Internet access services and related products to businesses
* Involved in Designing and Development of Remedy schemas using Active links, Filters, Menus and Escalations.
* Involved in Remedy production support team to rectify the Remedy Tickets
* Used Remedy import and export for Migration of data and definitions and used ESP Sync to obtain the differences of the schema on different servers
* Developed Reports for help desk and RCC Order using Seagate crystal reports 7.0
* Creating logon screens for validation using Active Server Pages
* Responsible for database design, factor analysis, system test plan execution, user acceptance test

Environment: ARS server 3.2/4.0 running on sun Solaris 2.5.1 using Oracle7.3.4 database. ARS client running on Windows NT 4.0

01/1998 - 01/1999
FCS - Noida, India
Oracle Applications Developer

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

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