Technical Writer - Independent Resume

Technical Writer - Independent

Primary Skills
Technical Writing



* Fully certified and qualified as a Technical Writer
* Years of experience working with PMO's, SME's, Programmers, Designers, Developers, Engineers, VPs and Directors
* Experience in project coordination within a multidisciplinary team
* Strong interviewing, researching, formatting, and planning skills, and paying attention to detail
* Experience with the SDLC
* Experience in establishing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders
* Self-directed, innovative, and resourceful
* Able to work with minimal supervision, while working effectively within a matrix team
* Experience with Web based IT projects

* Enhanced - In effect until January 2014

* English only


Technical Writer - Dept. Fisheries and Oceans/Canadian Coast Guard
Vessel Maintenance Management Project
Priority Projects, Integrated Technical Services
February 2010 - March 2010 (2 months)
* Reported directly to the Project Manager/Senior Project Engineer
* Used Word 2007 to create one Vessel Maintenance Management Manual (VMMM)
* Received several high level CCG documents for review/editing prior to input into the VMMM

Technical Writer - Natural Resources Canada
CPSP-Planning and Production Project
Communications Products, Services and Planning
November 2009 - January 2010 (3 months)
* Reported directly to the Chief, Database and Production, Creative and Promotional Services
* Used Word 2007 to create one CPSP Project Planning Application End User Guide
* Used RoboHelp 8 to create a Help File system for the CPSP Application
* Ensured accuracy and completeness of documentation
* Developed diagrams and technical illustrations using Visio 2007
* Reviewed existing documentation such as procedures, manuals, web sites, personal notes
* Analyzed user interface outlined by systems analyst/designers, requirements, specifications, notes, drawings and prototype and create a plan for creating a User Guide of these interfaces
* Interviewed subject matter experts to obtain roles, responsibilities, rules/validations and accountabilities to use/manage projects
* Prior to obtaining approval of the Project Authority plan, a client assessment for the documentation, scope and a proposed table of contents for each document was submitted
* Validated accuracy of information collected by making direct use of the system being documented
* Created technical documentation explaining the User Interface of the CPSP (Planning and production) application, using Process (activity) model diagrams, Data flow diagrams (Processes, Flows, Data stores, Terminators), Unified Modeling Language (UML) "Use Case" models, including (Use Case Name, Summary, Traceability to requirements, Actors, Preconditions, Triggers, Frequency of Task, Basic Course of Events, Use Case diagrams, Alternative paths, Exception Paths, and Post conditions)
* Modified documents from project authority comments
* Submited final versions of procedures to the Project Manager for review and approval

Content Translation Project Coordinator - IBM Globalization Team
Test Case Writer - IBM Globalization Delivery QC Team
Graphics Design and Support - Cognos BI-LOC and Production
June 2009 - October 2009 (5 months)
Content Translation Project Coordination Tasks
* Responsible for coordinating delivery, verification, production, and builds of high volume, high quality translated content (software & docs) for simultaneous release in 22 languages
* Proactively managed competing priorities (scope, time, cost, and quality)
* Monitored location and format of content files for the Globalization Engineering team
* Collaborated with Globalization Delivery Project Primes to establish detailed exhaustive project plans and schedules, including quality milestones and progress gates in MS Project
* Monitored scope of translation by collaborating with content owners and working with translation content management tools (CLIP, KAT)
* Maintained open communication with vendors to ensure translation project success, including knowledge transfer, coordination of technical support, scope and schedule management, resolution of financial matters, and all other project-related issues
* Actively managed risk and quality by identifying changes and subsequent impacts, and by working with all impacted stakeholders to ensure all changes are tested in a timely manner
* Ensured translation, scheduling constraints and risks are clearly and proactively communicated to content owners such as Docs, Development and Product Management
* Provided support to Project Primes and Globalization QA for content area and scope updates
* Coordinated kit deliveries and returns in conjunction with the Globalization Engineering team
* Ensured defects are investigated and problems solved by collaborating with Globalization Engineering, Doc Engineering Services, Build Engineering, and core Development
* Partnered with all content owners (Docs & Dev) to recommend strategies that are consistent with Globalization best practices

Financial Management & Business Support Tasks
* Managed project costs by providing content stakeholders with predictive analysis and historical reports provided by the Globalization Engineering team (SW - CLICK, Docs - KAT)
* Supported the department's business objectives by providing support for project-specific cost models, and providing value-added user-centered information to identify translation priorities
* Managed invoicing and cost tracking by collaborating with Project Primes, vendor management and administration support, and the Finance department to ensure data is correct and consistent with IBM policy
* Supported monthly forecasting exercises by maintaining and transferring updated overall scope and contingency data into projected costing information for roll up to department-level forecasting

Additional Tasks
* Worked with Cognos Globalization Delivery QC to adapt test cases for the new IBM process (CAFÉ, Express Manager, Express Reporter, and Controller)
* Worked with DES to create SVG graphics and call-outs for their Aliyar Clean-up Project
* Worked with the Globalization Engineering team to complete QuickTours and QuickBooks Sanity testing
* Maintained updated process documentation and other knowledge artifacts on the Wiki in order to better facilitate on-boarding of new staff

Editor - Canadian Space Agency
Space Exploration Project
March 2009 (2 weeks)
* Edited a 154 page doc entitled 'Space Exploration Concept Study Report' for April 2009 public release

Technical Writer - Brogan Inc
PMPR Project
November 2008 - January 2009 (3 months)
* Produced one 150 page User Guide, and one 64 page Product Overview Guide
* Interviewed SME to gain understanding of business rules objectives
* Wrote additional internal documentation detailing Brogans medical database
* Researched existing publications to aid in the development of new documentation
* Created textual content using bulleted information provided by SME and others
* Analyzed product requirements to determine and develop suitable publications
* Ensured accuracy and completeness of documentation
* Organized material and completed writing assignments according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology
* Interviewed developers and product validation experts to ensure thorough knowledge of product resulting in accurate and complete publication
* Developed the design and layout of materials to be published (templates)
* Developed diagrams and technical illustrations
* Worked with little supervision, and provided weekly status updates

Technical Writer - Zafin Labs
MiSite and miRevenue Commerce Projects
Banking Branch - Zurich, Switzerland
August 2008 - September 2008 (2 months)
* Worked with a team of eight software engineers and developers
* Communicated with design managers to ensure clarity of documents
* Produced high-level docs across a range of banking product releases
* Sourced outdated miSite and miRevenue Technical Installation Guides and outdated miSite User Guide to create a new ones
* Created one 254 page miRevenue User Guide for non-technical audience
* Utilized technical writing, editing, and information architecture skills to write administration docs for server-based products
* Reviewed all project related docs for technical and syntactic accuracy
* Ensured consistency of all project related doc formatting, naming, approvals, references, etc

Technical Writer - PWGSC
Pension Modernization Project (GCPMP)
Accounting, Banking, and Compensation Branch
March 2008 - July 2008 (4 months)
* Created technical installation and overview documentation as it pertained to operational support and workflow of the GCPMP Project
* Created one Infrastructure Detail Design Document outlining assets and deliverables required of SM&D for Phase 1 of the Pension Modernization Project
* Met with GCPMP project resources to gather information required to produce required technical documentation deliverables
* Participated in scheduled, and ad-hoc meetings in support of production deliverables
* Worked with PMO to ensure documentation standards are followed
* Worked with infrastructure engineers to gather details at technical levels
* Created high level technical documentation using information provided by PM and others
* Produced high level graphic layouts
* Prepared documentation for both technical and non-technical audience
* Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, and Visio
* Read and summarized highly technical documentation
* Created Helpdesk, and first level support documentation scripts
* Lead peer review walkthroughs with technical architects, updating as required

Technical Writer - Innovapost Inc
Internal Apps Support and Dev Team/ SAP Process Automation Docs Team/C&HP Capability Dev Team/Change & Human Performance Team
October 2007 - April 2008 (6 months)
* Reported directly to the manager of each department
* Created detailed technical user guides based on internal software applications for Human Resources, Finance, Change Management, and Internal Apps Support teams
* Responsible for maintaining process automation docs for internal SAP team
* Created CPC Retail Application Project Plan for iPost's Change Management team
* Created graphics, diagrams, and screen captures for technical illustrations
* Collaborated with multiple teams, coordinated project activities and deliverables
* Contributed to the design of templates and styles
* Ensured accuracy of technical information, and correct terminology was used
* Collaborated with Dev and Ops teams to ensure timely docs creation and delivery
* Collected technical information needed for preparing documentation by researching development docs, interviewing multiple dev team members, and using product prototypes
* Developed technical documentation including articulation of purpose and intent
* Developed document structure, formatting, and managed version control
* Organized and conducted document reviews, approvals and releases.
* Independently applied departmental standards, style guides, and processes
* Developed on-line context-sensitive help strategies and content
* Analyzed specifications, notes and drawings to write manuals and user guides explaining installation, operation and maintenance of software applications
* Researched and developed source data necessary to write technical manuals
* Analyzed and ensured all documentation was fully compliant with specifications
* Contributed suggestions to improve documentation or the process
* Actively engaged with SME's and other technical resources across multiple teams

Technical Writer - Bell Canada
Network Traffic Matrix Project for the Department of National Defense
July 2007 (1 month)
* Edited and rewrote NTS User Guide for Bell's client (DND)
* Created one System Administration Guide
* Used RoboHelp X5 to create an HTML application for Web publication

Technical Writer - IBM Canada
RPSR Project for the Department of National Defense
January/06 - June/07 (17 months)
* Responsible for maintaining detailed, up-to-date documentation of Revised Pay System for the Reserves (RPSR) to better reflect Centralization
* Maintained all technical and non-technical changes to the RPSR system
* Used RoboHelp to create one user guide to be published to the web
* Provided End User Training packages to both client and project developers on how to use on-line web-based documentation using RoboHelp authoring tool
* Provided project management support services regarding all documentation
* Worked with team of 12 developers, 6 programmers and 4 testers
* Obtained final approval of detailed plan from client prior to implementation
* Created Network and LAN configuration diagrams and flowcharts (in Visio)
* Maintained Internal System Interface Specifications (RPSR GUI)
* Created built-in application reports (i.e.: Pay Run Summary Report)
* Maintained both fiscal and calendar year-end procedures
* Gathered feature and function information used in the RPSR automated information system developed by users and system developers
* Created one web based User Guide for DND personnel
* Created one Team Room User Guide for Developers and Programmers
* Created and maintained one Technical Guide used by Developers and Programmers
* Safeguarded existing system documentation and ensured its controlled release
* Edited and rewrote documentation as changes to the (RPSR) system configuration required
* Used Word, desktop publishing and graphics software packages to produce final camera-ready copies of all required documentation
* Ensured documentation accurately reflected content and functionality as implemented by RPSR developing and recording procedures
* Acted as main point of contact for all documentation related activities
* Edited, proofed, updated, created and maintained all RPSR documentation files
* Researched new methods to improve documentation appearance and accessibility
* Performed Software Beta Testing on website program prior to implementation
* Completed all Services and/or Tickets assigned
* Participated in developer, and client status meetings
* Had daily interaction with developers, programmers and client
* Implemented RoboHelp X5 as the new HTML authoring tool
* Migrated all RPSR Documentation topics to RoboHelp
* Prepared for and implemented all required illustrations and diagrams
* Investigated "Full Text" search capability for RPSR troubleshooting
* Documented a process for implementing documentation repository in RoboHelp
* Documented procedures for Browser Script maintenance

Technical Writer - Halogen Software Inc
eAppraisal and eCompensation On-Line Software Application Projects
March/05 - January/06 (10 months)
* Reported directly and provided weekly updates to the VP of Development
* Created User Guides, User Training Packages, Help Files, and Tutorials for Halogen's eCompensation and eAppraisal web based applications using guidance from VP of Development, and technical peers
* Prepared Statement of Purpose, Scope, Overview, TOC, Appendix, and Acronyms
* Used RoboHelp to create an HTML application for publication to the web
* Researched all feature and function information developed by system developers
* Produced technical documents using Microsoft Word including graphics to help aid in functionality and description
* Researched, wrote, edited, and maintained 400 help files using RoboHelp
* Worked with team of 8 developers, 4 programmers and 3 testers
* Documented commercial enterprise software programs
* Experience with single-source writing methodology and image editing software
* Provided product testing on EPM software solutions
* Met deadlines for product launch of eAppraisal 6.2, 6.3, 7.0, and eCompensation
* Obtained approval of detailed plan prior to installation and production of product
* Escalated and/or resolved any issues impeding the documentation's progress
* Performed software Beta test cases prior to implementation
* Created bugs for developers to fix and fixed assigned bugs
* Traveled across the USA to provide eAppraisal product training to clients
* Wrote and edited technical information from raw data (i.e.: Spec sheets and bullet points) provided by Development Team
* Organized and completed writing assignments according to set standards

Proposal Writer - MSC Maplesoft Consulting Inc
Professional Services Division
November/04 - March/05 (5 months)
* Reported directly to the President
* Reviewed proposals, identified problem areas, addressed resources needed, milestones, and deadlines ensuring proper framework for creating a winning RFP
* Reviewed and analyzed Government RFP's to understand requirements therein
* Wrote RFPs for GoC
* Formatted resumes, mandatory and point rated criteria Matricies
* Experience with preparation of government IM/IT professional services proposals
* Played a central role in developing IM/IT single and multiple candidate proposals
* Worked with a seven member recruiting team to select the best candidates
* Provided effective support to the practice leaders in proposal development
* Tracked incoming RFP's, outgoing proposals and candidate status
* Entered and maintained candidates skills, categories and rates in IPS and THS
* Monitored and ordered opportunities in MERX, GOL and other GoC Websites
* Excellent MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and internet researching skills

Technical Writer - LCT Lab Technologies
Professional Services Division
June/04 - August/04 (3 months)
* Created one user guide for Optiwyse web-based Publishing Bibliography Service
* Used graphics to help aid in functionality description and usage
* Used RoboHelp to create an HTML application for publication to the web
* Converted documents to Adobe Acrobat PDF format for electronic distribution
* Proofed documentation reviews written by peers for clarity and conciseness
* Interviewed SME's and Developers to understand automation application features
* Prepared Statement of Purpose, Scope, Overview, TOC, Appendix, and Acronyms
* Followed established procedures regarding incremental program changes
* Obtained approval of detailed plan prior to installation and production of product
* Created technical documents to include cross references and list of acronyms
* Participated in all design phases of new software as required by PM
* Collaborated with developers to design and refine user interfaces
* Provided regular project status to Project Manager
* Performed software Beta testing of Website prior to implementation

Technical Writer - JobJoy
Web based User Manual Project
September/03 - May/04 (9 months)
* Researched, planned and delivered one User Manual based on client's customized Employment Software Automated Database program
* Used graphics to help aid in functionality and description
* Prepared Statement of Purpose, Scope, Overview, TOC, Appendix, and Acronyms
* Used word-processing, desktop publishing and graphics software packages to produce final camera-ready copies of all required documentation
* Described all main elements and cross-referenced related sub-elements used
* Included embedded graphics used to display and enhance the learning process
* Step-by-step instructional chapters to help the user perform all tasks required
* Assisted Development team in application testing prior to implementation
* Included a Conclusion, Figures chart, and Hints and Tips sections
* Obtained approval of detailed plan prior to installation and production

Company Trainer/Technical Writer
ACE Security Laminates
Product Training Division
February/01 - Apr/03 (26 months)
* Managed entire Training Department
* Responsible for design and layout of all technical, instructional and installation manuals, R & D documentation, training itineraries and materials, technical specifications, demonstration outlines, user guides and technical exams
* Completely edited and rewrote existing technical training manual
* Wrote Installation Methods (IMs) and Change Application Procedures (CAPs)
* Obtained approval of detailed plan prior to installation and training
* Published quarterly articles on newly developed procedures and techniques
* Used word-processing, text pop-ups and graphics software to aid in functionality and description, and produce final documentation
* Implemented all document modifications into company tech manual using Word
* Provided technical, sales and marketing support to all dealers worldwide
* Performed training comprised of theoretical data, practical and off-site installation
* Provided monthly course evaluations and analysis and defined course content
* Implemented new changes resulting from regular course evaluations
* Re-developed and implemented new company training program
* Produced and implemented updated demonstration guidelines
* Prepared all classroom and on-site training curriculum
* Created and executed written examinations
* Gave presentations & product demos to national and international audiences
* Designed new training tool application processes in support of training activities
* Traveled internationally to perform on-site training and product demonstrations


Communications - Canadian Armed Forces
Signal Corps
1982 - 1985 (36 months)
* Was a full time Private operating as a Radio Operator (211) attached to the P.P.C.L.I. in Calgary, ALTA
* Responsible for secure VHF and UHF communications
* Attended Fall-Ex peacetime military exercise in West Germany in 1983

Project Coordinator - Nortel Networks
1991 - 1992 (24 months)
* Reported directly to the Project Manager
* Worked directly with related departments including construction, movers, and installers to ensure timely, efficient installations were completed on time
* Responsible for arranging installation, removal, and relocation of all telecommunications and LAN hardware, furniture and personnel within Nortel's multiple locations across Ottawa
* Proactively managed competing priorities
* Collaborated with other Project Coordinators and clients to establish detailed plans and schedules, including quality milestones and progress gates
* Maintained comms with Team Leads, PCs and clients ensuring project success
* Actively identified changes and subsequent impacts on projects, and worked to ensure all changes were communicated in a timely manner to all impacted departments
* Created move schedule(s) and work orders using Nortel's T.O.S.S. database
* Responsible for making the necessary resource allocation changes to main and remote IT rooms with required hardware (i.e.: hubs, bridges, routers)
* Notified current WGA's when people were leaving their Work Groups
* Notified new WGA's when new people were being added to their Work Groups
* Worked with other PCs with similar project timelines to avoid resource overlap
* Participated in weekly meetings to discuss agendas, previous meeting minutes, action logs and project status ensuring effective exchange of project information
* Participated in planning meetings to prioritize tasks for large projects of up to 200 people
* Identified appropriate resources needed to meet project needs
* Identified, prioritized, and communicated project risks when required
* Monitored Project Change Control process ensuring accurate project communication
* Excellent planning, scheduling, time management, and organizational skills

Operating Platforms:
* Windows 95/98/2000/XP Pro/Vista Ultimate, HP, SUN, MAC, Apollo, and T.O.S.S

Programming Languages:
* C, COBOL, CICS, dBase III, Lotus 123, and Basic

Applications and Tools:
* RoboHelp 2002/X5/8, Visio, Snagit, Printshop Propublisher, MS Paint, MS Works
* IE 8, Firefox, QuickBooks, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, WordPerfect, MS Project
* MS Office 98/00/03/07, Adobe Photoshop/Reader, Paint Shop Pro, SourceSafe
* FrameMaker 7.0/7.1, Quicken SE, Outlook Express, Purchasing Plus+

IBM Internal Tools and Applications:
* Perforce4V, Inkscape, GIMP 2.0, The Wiki, Globalization Tools Bug Tracker, LAN Share
* (TCT) Translation Communication Tool, Cogdocs, IBM Cognos 8, LAN Share, TagEditor
* LMIS (Localization Management Information System), Secure FTP Site Transfer
* (KAT) Kit Automation Tool, SDL Trados Translation Tool, Translators Workbench
* Inkscape, Hypersnap 6, GIMP, VM Ware Lab Manager, CLICK, CLIP

* Technical Writer Program: Algonquin College, Advanced Technology Sector
* Project Management: Algonquin College, Advanced Technology Sector
* Business Administration: Toronto School of Business - Honor Roll
* Computer Programming and Analysis: CDI College
* Excellence Job Performance Enhancement: Nortel Networks
* Local Area Networks: The Learning Tree

* Intro to TPMS: The process of creating and maintaining a translation project
* Translation Delivery: About the Cognos Globalization Structure of LAN and Perforce Folders, Kit Layout, Project Lifecycle, and Schedule TCT and SFTP
* Vendors and Vendor Communication: Information on vendors and vendor communication
* LMIS Costing Application: An overview on how to use this application
* Kit Iteration: Provides information on setting up and sending a kit iteration
* Kit Automation: Intro to functionalities of the translation kit automation system
* LOC Documentation Process: Introduction to the DTP and tools, source formats and scope
* Using the Wiki: Introduction to WikiCentral, pages, and HTML Markup
* Using Perforce: Introduction to Perforce UI, changelists, and file synchronization
* Cogdoc and the Production Server: Introduction to CogDoc XML format and use of Documentation Production Server
* Documentation Translation and Vendor Process: Instruction of the documentation translation process
* Documentation Distribution and Testing: Instruction on Tarballs, logical structure of documentation packages, and documentation deployment in Cognos products
* Training Production Phase of Documentation Translation Cycle: Including localized production, use of the "build ready" option, Tarball deployment, testing, and doc bug fixing
* Documentation Graphics Process: The processes involved with screen shots and diagrams used in Cognos documentation
* BI and PM Translation Integration - Terminology Alignment: Aligning Cognos terminology to that of IBM

Technical Writing
Computer Programming
Business Administration


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