Java/J2EE Developer Resume

Java/J2EE Developer

Primary Skills
Java J2EE Jsp Struts

US-MD-silver spring (will consider relocating)


Software Developer

• 6+ years of experience in IT field with expertise in applications design and development using J2EE Technologies (Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, JDBC), Struts, Tiles, JavaScript, Java Beans, HTML and CSS under Unix, Linux and Windows environment.
• Strong experience with middleware servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss and Tomcat.
• Expertise in databases like Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and MS Access.
• Hands on experience with Web Services (WSDL, Axis, SOAP) & Hibernate.
• Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis & Design based on UML using Rational Rose.
• Hands on experience in implementing applications in VxWorks using C++.
• Hands on experience with development, product enhancement and maintenance projects.
• Experienced in version control systems like Clear Case, CVS, and Win CVS.
• Experience in testing, troubleshooting using HP Quality Center, ClearQuest and Bugzilla.
• Excellent communication skills, hard working and a fast learner of new technologies.

Technical Skills
Environments: Windows NT/XP/2000, VXWorks, Red Hat Linux 9.0, Unix, Solaris 9, MS-DOS.
Languages: Java 5, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JNDI, EJB, Custom Tags), JSF, AJAX, Web Programming (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), Struts 1.x, Tiles, UML, WSDL, XML, XSL, XSD, C, C++, PHP, VB, Flash, Assembly Language (8085/86).
Middlewares: Weblogic 8.1, WebSphere 6.0 Tomcat 4.x, CVS, WinCVS, ANT, Log4J.
Testing: Clear Quest, Bugzilla, HP Quality Center.
Version: CVS, Clear Case, WinCVS, SVN, Tortoise SVN.
Tools/Technologies: Web Services (WSDL, Axis, SOAP), Hibernate, Eclipse, RAD 6.0, MS Visual Studio, Adex, NetBeans, Rational Rose, Visio, Liquid XML.
Databases/Tools: MySQL 4.1, Oracle 8i/9i, Sybase, MS Access, TOAD.
Networking: Socket Programming, H.323, SIP, DHCP, SNMP, RTP, TCP/IP Protocols.


WSSC, Laurel, MD June2009-Present
Web Programmer
Project: WSSC website redesigning

WSSC has undergone the redesign of existing WSSC internet website ( and Single sign on between WSSC internet site and the WSSC e-services site is implemented. Application is developed using Java, JSF, HTML, CSS, Java script technologies. A lightweight CMS is developed to publish the web content. The access is role based and the business user can systematically communicate time sensitive information such as emergency alerts and breaking news, all this information can be published without webmaster intervention. Content creation, publishing & dynamic content publishing functions are only available to the user who has the proper permission from a single interface upon single signing on. The unidentified user or guest can access public information only.
Improved search feature (using Coveo Search Engine) and user friendly editor are implemented. Delegated authentication and authorization features along with breadcrumb, language conversion, multi user authoring, Setting of publication and de-activation dates, getting maps and directions etc is provided in the website.

• Developed Model, View and Controller using JSF, JSP, Java.
• Developed a View using JSP and JSF. The client side validations done using JSF components.
• Developed model using data development project in RAD.
• JDBC used to connect the Oracle 9i database.
• Requirement gathering, discussing them with taxonomist, designing the page, writing the requirements, implementing the design in Java and JSF, JSF tiles, fixing issues reported by QA.
• Database handling, creating tables and constraints, setting up relations between tables.
• Implemented modules like file structure, viewing all reports, Hot topics, Scrolling ticker, alert etc.
• Wrote an ANT scripts for build and deployment of application on development servers.

Java, J2EE(JSP,JDBC,JNDI), JSF, AJAX, Struts Tiles in JSF, XML, XSD, RAD Navigation Component, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle 9i, TOAD, log4j, ANT ,Liquid XML, HP Quality Center, Google Translator, RAD 7.5, Coveo Search Engine, Web Services WSDL, Axis, Filters, Sevlets, Websphere Application Server 7.5.2, SVN , Linux 5 (Production), Windows XP (Development).

Greensmith, Bethesda, MD April 2009-June2009
Web Developer
Project: Distributed Energy Storage System

DESS Server was developed using Java, IBM MQ Series, Web Services and Hibernate. DESS Server sits between DESS client and utility information systems. Developed a UI to input request for charge/discharge, set priority, set start time end time etc using Java, JSP, HTML, CSS etc.. The data once entered is stored into MYSQL database. Currently, the system interacts with one client but its developed in such a way that multiple clients and groups can be formed.

• Developed Model, View and Controller using Struts framework.
• Developed a GUI using JSP, HTML, XHTML, CSS. The client side validations done using JavaScript.
• Developed controller and model using java.
• Wrote ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
• Log4J was used for each module for logging purposes.
• Deployed an application on Apache Tomcat application server under Linux environment.
• Involved into requirement gathering, ER diagrams, Use case Diagrams, database designing, writing SRS.
• Testing the system. Writing Test cases in Junit.

Java, J2EE 5.0(JSP,JDBC,JNDI), Struts 1.3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse 3.x, MYSQl 5.1, TOAD, ANT, Flash, Dreamviewer, JBOSS App Server 5.0, Hibernate, Log4j, Junit, Tortoise SVN, VMWare workstation (for running redhat enterprise Linux 5), Webservice, Redhat Linux 5 (Production), Windows XP Professional with service pack 3 (Development).

Gartmore Global Investments, Wilmington, DE Feb 2008 -- March2009
Software Developer
Project: Document Archiving System

Gartmore Global Investments (GGI) is an asset management firm for individuals and institutional clients, including mutual fund companies and insurance companies. We developed a Document Archiving System, which made internal reports available to clients as soon as they are out. The system is a server-based application whose main interface is web based and has an archive of internally produced documents (PDF, XML, etc.). External users view only documents they are allowed to see. Roles are used to determine user permissions. The system is responsible for distribution of these published documents as soon as they are available to the users that opted in for delivery. The medium used is either email or fax. The back-end is an Oracle 8i database. The application is being deployed on WebLogic server and is based on MVC architecture using Struts framework. UI is developed in JSP and business logic is written in Java.

• Developed Model, View and Controller using Struts framework.
• Developed a View using JSP. The client side validations done using JavaScript.
• Developed controller and model using java.
• JDBC used to connect the Oracle 8i database.
• Wrote ANT scripts to build and deploy the application.
• Deployed an application on WebLogic application server under Solaris environment.

Java, J2EE(JSP,JDBC,JNDI), Struts 1.3, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache Tomcat 4.1, BEA WebLogic 8.1, Eclipse 3.x, Oracle 8i, TOAD, ANT, CVS, WinCVS, Solaris (Production), Windows XP (Development).

PFPC Inc., Wilmington, DE July 2007 -- Feb 2008
Software Developer
Project: Online Transaction System

PFPC ( is a sister concern of PNC Bank and a leading provider of processing, technology and business solutions to the global investment industry. The project was to rewrite an online banking and bill pay module for PNC Bank using J2EE technologies. The Design was based on MVC architecture using Struts as a framework and WebLogic as an application server.

• Developed the presentation layer and GUI framework using JSP, CSS and HTML. Few client-side validations were done using JavaScript.
• Developed Model, View and Controller using Struts framework.
• Developed the backend model using Java and EJBs.
• Used Web Service Client to connect to a Web Service for user authentication.
• Worked on several enhancements/fixes after the application went live.
• Log4J was used for each module for logging purposes.
• Write Unix Shell Scripts and set them into crontab to run certain jobs automatically.
• Write and execute ANT scripts for Auto Build and Deployment of the application on the application servers( Weblogic Server) in QA environment..
• JDBC was used to connect the Oracle 9i database using SQL.

Java 1.4, J2EE, JSP,EJB, JDBC,JNDI, Struts 1.3, Tiles, HTML, WSDL,JavaScript, CSS, XML, Oracle 9i, Eclipse IDE 3.0, BEA WebLogic App Server 8.1, Apache Web Server, WinCVS, CVS, ANT, Windows XP, Unix.

TATA Elxsi, Iselin, NJ July 2005 -- June 2007
Software Developer

Project: CRM Solutions
An intranet based CRM solutions application was developed for AVAYA. The application provided support for sales automation, customer service, content management, project management, calendar, forums, and file sharing within the organization. The application used JSP as a front-end, Struts as a framework, and Sybase as a backend database.

• Involved in coding several modules/functionalities within the application using Java.
• Used Struts as a framework for the application.
• Developed JSP as the view and Java as controller and model.
• Used RAD for application development with WebSphere 6.0 as a middleware server.
• Used ANT to build and deploy on WebSphere server in development and QA environments.
• Wrote Unix Shell Scripts and set them as cron to run certain jobs daily.
• Used JDBC to connect the Sybase database.

J2EE, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, CSS, HTML, DHTML, Struts, JavaScript, RAD 6.0, WebSphere 6.0, Sybase, ANT, Unix (Solaris), and Windows XP.

Project: IP Telephony

Worked on SPICE Project for the client AVAYA, USA. AVAYA is a global leader in IP telephony. The objective of this project was to test and fix the problems that are reported from customer site and to implement new features as per the requirements given by AVAYA. Received training on Spice 96xx series phones. There were three domains in the project: Application, Networking (Software) and Broadcom board support (hardware). I was looking after whole Application module. Developed several new features of Alphanumeric Search in Spice 96xx series colored phones.

• Designing and developing the application module using C++ on VxWorks platform.
• Performing Unit and Integration testing of IP phone embedded software.
• Address and resolve end customer reported bugs using Bugzilla.
• Tracking the defects using Clear Quest and resolving the issues based on the priority.
• Develop new features in the module.

OS: VxWorks.
C++, C, Source insight, Etherial Packetizer, PCTSIS, MIB Browser, VxWorks, Networking (Networking details, SIP protocol, H.323 protocol, SNMP, DHCP, RTP, TCP/IP), Clear Case, CVS, ClearQuest, Bugzilla, Quality Training for CMM, Level 5 company.

Internet Prakashan Network, Pune, India Aug 2004 - May 2005
Web Developer
Project: Project Management Module

Created a web application using Java and MySQL database to manage different project's information, their teams and team member's details, task assigned to each team member, etc. The application has a facility to display and print the project's or individual team member's report. It allows user/administrator to add, update, or delete any information about projects, teams or team members. The application also has some administrative functionality like updating the login information (usernames/passwords etc.).

• Coding the application in Java using Java Servlets.
• Making a connection to backend MySQL database.
• Creating an administrative interface to update user's profile.
• Writing the test scripts to test the application functionality.
• Writing build and deploy scripts using ANT.

Java, Servlets, HTML, MySQL, Tomcat 4.x, Windows NT/2000.

SEED InfoTech, Pune, India Dec 2003 - Aug 2004
Software Developer/Trainer

Worked as a software developer/trainer with SEED InfoTech. Involved in Java/C/C++ development on several SEED InfoTech projects, and also handled various courses and labs for programming languages/technologies like C++, Java, C, Data structures in C/C++ etc. Also worked on enhancing the Resource Management System in Java, JSP, HTML, CSS as per SEED's requirements for new functionalities like Performance/Salary Reviews and Reports Generation were added to the application.

• Coding the enhancements to the Resource Management System in Java/JSP.
• Testing the application changes.
• Maintaining and enhancing the SEED InfoTech website.
• Creating graphic projects for lab/training purposes in Java, C++ and C.

Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, C, C++, Linux, Data structures using C and C++.
Presentations: DLL, Network Devices.

Other Projects Undertaken
• SimPort I/O Driver and Application for Windows 2000/XP
SimPort I/O driver is a kernel mode driver for Windows NT/2000 that gives user mode programs access to I/O Ports. This makes it possible to access hardware directly from a normal executable in the same way as under Windows 95/98.
Responsibilities: Understanding the Requirements and Development of the Prototype. Class Design, DFD Design, Flow of Software, Report Generation, Coding, Debugging.
Skills/Tools used:
Hardware: x86 Architecture.
Software: Windows NT/2000, Windows DDK for driver development and Visual C++ for application development.

• Airline Reservation System
Project was divided into numerous modules Customer information, Cancellation and Billing.
Skills/Tools used: VB 6.0, Oracle 8i.

• Website Of Menu Advisor
Site displays daily calorie requirements of each user which he should consume depending on users height, weight, activity level, etc.
Skills used: HTML, JavaScript.

• Digital diary
Project was divided into following modules: Address Book, Phone Book, Bank, Tasks and schedules, Credit cards and Meetings. It helps user to keep details in easy access form.
Skills/Tools Used: VB 6.0, MS Access 2000.

• GRE Online Examination Software
It takes information about the student. Students solve objective type questions of 3 sections i.e. verbal, analytical, quantitative and total marks are immediately displayed.
Skills/Tools Used: C++.

Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) Graduation: June 2003
University of Pune, India

Seminars/Technical Papers
• Content Addressed Storage (CAS).
• Introduction to Multimedia.
• Cyber Laws.

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