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senior network engineer

Primary Skills
routing switching dwdm sonet mpls rpr

US-MD-Baltimore (will consider relocating)


Clifton Roberson Baltimore MD - Washington DC

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I am looking for an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. I have been working in the IT field for over 20 years and am open to contract or permanent opportunities with your organization. I am a Navy veteran with an AS degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering. I also hold many WAN certifications and have extensive Optical, TDM/VOIP, Wireless, Routing/Switching, and Voice/Data Convergence networking experience. I have traveled extensively in the USA and overseas, understand many cultures and have a gift for languages. I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

My certifications are in LAN/WAN Internetworking, Routing & Switching, TCP/IP/IPv6, DWDM, SONET, Optical Networking, VOIP, SS7, TDM - T1/T3, ATM, QOS, Soft Switches, Frame Relay, MPLS, Data Communications, Broadband, Wireless, PC-LANs -- Ethernet FDDI Token Ring, SNMP/RMON, Voice (over IP, Frame, ATM etc.) remote access (DSL and cable), most through vendors and TCT and TRA independent training organizations. I am well versed in many protocols including, MPLS, BGP, OSPF, RIP, SNA, IGRP, EIGRP, NLSP, RSVP, IGMP, H.323, GR303, DNS, DHCP, RMON, SNMP and others. I hold Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, Bay Expert, 3Com Wizard, and Cabletron ESE Certifications. My Cisco certifications are years old, and are being re-certified at present.

I have evolved over 20 years from the desktop - to enterprise and carrier networks. I can design, build, staff, manage, and troubleshoot, enterprise, carrier and small networks. I have designed, built, staffed and managed data centers, NOCs, Optical, and complete enterprise networks; data, voice, video, and wireless. I am a WAN / Telecomm / Computer engineer with excellent experience and training. I am presently working with MPLS, VOIP, Metro Optical and Layer 2/3 Routing and Switching, SONET, RPR, WDM, POS, ATM, Frame Relay, TCP/IP, ISDN, DSL, Broadband, T1/T3, and T1 to the DS0 level and Wireless. I am very well versed with networking platforms from all major vendors including Cisco, Bay/Nortel, Cabletron, HP/3Com, Alcatel/Lucent, NET, Fore/Marconi, F5, Foundry, Juniper, Corvis, and CIENA. My Skills range from punching down circuits to network management. I have developed training materials, standard operating procedures and escalation lists for many companies to allow them to meet SLAs and am an excellent, detail oriented, results driven, project manager.

I have worked for DuPont, ATT, Qwest, Nortel, GTE, Sprint, WorldCom, IBM, and CSC and have managed and troubleshot many of the largest networks in the world, including the US government, the US Navy, Verizon, AT&T, MCI, GTE, UUNET, GE, GM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, ING, Bechtel, Aetna, Lucas, and Fairchild to name just the large companies.

I also have specific onsite company training from - CISCO, 3COM, BAY, BELL, NORTEL, CABLETRON, FORE, XYLAN, ASCEND, LUCENT, ALCATEL, FUJITSU and ATT. I keep up to date on industry trends with a very extensive onsite and local library and documentation base.


• Lucent / Alcatel MPLS, VPLS, VPWS, VPRN 7750 7450 7950 7710 7705 7210
• Lucent / Alcatel 1 Week 7450 course at Verizon, taught by Alcatel
• Lucent / Alcatel DWDM, SONET, Carrier Ethernet, 1665 DMX, 1665 DMXtend
• Motorola GPON502E: System Operation for Passive Optical LANs (ILT)
• Motorola GPON600: FTTP Advanced Operations and Troubleshooting
• NexTone 4 Day Session Border Controller Class
• Cisco BTS 10200 Advanced Services Voice Solution Bootcamp
• Cisco MGX 8850 Certification VISM Training
• Cisco BTS 10200 Provisioning Class Certification, BTS 10200 VOBB
• Cisco BTS 10200 OMT Class certification
• Cisco Cisco Optical ONS 15454, 15327, 15530, 15540. SONET, DWDM
• Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP These need to be recertified
• Cisco Voice, Data-Hardware. 188 hours Cisco CBT.
• CAC -- Carrier Access Corp TDM Equip. Adit 600, Access Navigator, Axxius 800, Muxes
• TRA VOIP, MPLS, SS7, IN, AIN, QOS, Voice/Data Communications
• TRA SONET, DWDM, ATM, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, Metro-Optical Nets
• TRA Advanced Telecommunications, T1 Technologies, T1 Transmission
• TRA Ethernet, Routing Protocols, VPNs, DSL, Wirelsss Networking
• TCT - WAN Telecommunications ATM, Frame Relay, T1 / T3, Data Communications, LAN / WAN
• TCT - LAN Certification Implementing and Expanding PC LANS. Eth. / Token Ring / FDDI
• TCT - TCP/IP TCP / IP, Understanding Addressing in a TCP/IP Network
• TCT - Network Management SNMP, CMIS / CMIP, RMON
• TCT - Remote LAN Access Remote LAN Access Technologies DSL, ADSL, HDSL. Cable Modems
• 3 Comm Wizard Hardware training and Transcend Enterprise Manager for UNIX
• Bay / Nortel Networks Expert Hardware training and Optivity 8 and 9, Site Manager, NetID
• Nortel / Bay Router, Switch, and ATM/SONET hardware/software training
• Cabletron Hardware training and SPECTRUM Classroom Training. Wireless R2
• Cabletron / Enterasys Advanced Smart Switch Router Configuration ESE certified
• Cabletron / Enterasys ES Switching and Wireless Configuration ESE certified
• DuPont VOIP, VoFrameRelay, T1 Training - Monitoring and Troubleshooting
• Qwest Lucent/Ascend, Alcatel DACS, Nortel, Cienna, hardware training
• Qwest NavisCore, React T1 testing and monitoring software training
• Firebird / T-BERD Firebird 500, 4000,6000 and T-BERD 209, 307 and 310 training


• ATM, Frame Relay
• TDM - T1 / T3
• Ethernet, Gig., FE
• SS7 H.323 GR303
• OSI Protocols
• IS -- IS
• HP Openview
• Cisco Works / View
• SPMA Cabletron
• N.E.T.'s NMS 5000
• Peregrine SNA
• IBM Netview


• Routers/Switches
• Fiber Optics
• Channel Banks
• CSU / DSUs
• ADMs, TMs, DCS
• Servers
• Mainframes
• Gateways
• Firewalls
• Viseo / Autocad


Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Lucas Aerospace
Johns Hopkins
Sprint, AT&T

US Veterans Affairs
Bath Iron Works
ING Insurance
US Navy

Gen. Motors
Gen. Electric
Gen. Dynamics

Commerce Bank
MBNA Credit
Cisco Systems


8/95 - 6/97 University of Bridgeport - Bridgeport CT -
1 Semester shy of a Bachelors Degree - Computer Engineering. GPA - 3.97

• Network design
• Network Integration
• Comp. Networking
• Fiber Optics
• Data Comms.
• Comp. Architecture
• UNIX - Introduction
• UNIX - Advanced
• Operating System 1
• Operating System 2
• Microprocessors 1
• Microprocessors 2
• Digital Electronics 2
• Analog Electronic 1
• Analog Electronic 2
• Physics 3
• Calculus 3
• Discrete Math
• Japanese 1 and 2
• Russian 1and 2
• Database Design
• Queuing Theory
• C and C++

8/92 - 6/95 Delaware Technical - Dover DE
Associates Degree - Electromechanical Engineering. GPA - 3.8

• Computer Basics
• Autocad 1
• Autocad 2
• Intro to Electricity
• AC / DC Theory
• Digital Electronics 1
• Calculus 1 and 2
• Physics 1 and 2
• Mechanism Design

11/88 - 1/91 Atlantic Aviation, Wilmington DE --

• ASM - Advanced ceramic composites school, Failure analysis, Fracture analysis
• ASNT - Non-destructive examination of composites, Eddy current level 2,
• Magnetic Particle level 2, Di-Penetrant level 2, Visual level 2.
• Radiation safety school
• Abex and New York Airbrake - Hydraulic schools

7/87 - 3/88 Northern Telecom, West Palm Beach FL -- Circuit board manufacture.

• Cad / Cam / Cim school

7/83 - 7/87 United States Navy, Great Lakes Illinois, Yakousaka Japan, and Panama City Florida

• Computer operations and language school
• Navy electronics school - modules 1-25
• Navy propulsion engineering school
• Gas turbine ( jet engine ) A and C school.
• Instruments and controls school
• Vibration analysis school
• Bell aerospace hovercraft craft control school
• Bell aerospace hovercraft propulsion and lift school


TRA 2010 Certifications
Understanding SONET 2/19/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding Optical Networks 2/19/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding MPLS VPNs 3/05/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding Public Ethernet 3/05/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding WAN Technologies and Services 2/19/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding - IP Networking and VPNs 3/25/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding IP Routing Protocols 3/05/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding TCP IP 3/05/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding IP Access and Backbone 1/04/10 & 7/14/2010
Understanding The Basics of SS7 and Network Control 3/05/10
Understanding The Basics of Data Communications 1/04/10
Understanding Access Technologies An Overview 1/04/10
Understanding - Transmission in Telecomm Networks 3/25/10 & 7/14/2010
Voice Communications A Technical Introduction 3/08/10
Springfield An Introduction to Telecommunications 2/19/10
Understanding The Basics of Home Office Networking 1/04/10

TRA 2003 - 2005 Certifications
Understanding the Basics of SONET 11/04
Understanding Next Generation SONET SDH 11/04
Understanding the Basics of Optical Networking 11/04
Understanding MPLS 10/03
Understanding MPLS 11/04
Understanding Ethernet Switching 11/04
Ethernet Switching 12/05
Understanding SS7 for IN, Wireless, and VOIP 12/05
Understanding Voice over IP 7/05
Basics of Quality of Service Switching 12/05
Introduction to Routing Protocols 12/05
Understanding IP Routers and Routing 12/04
Understanding the Basics of the Internet and Internet Protocols 10/04
Understanding Overview and Classification of VPNs 12/04
Overview and Classification of VPNs 12/05
Understanding IP Networking and VPNs 12/05
Understanding the Basics of Data Communications 11/04
Understanding Springfield an Introduction to Telecommunications 3/04
Understanding Transmission in Telecommunications Networks 12/05
Understanding Transmission Technologies for T1 DS1 and DS3 3/04
Understanding Troubles and Testing for T1 DS1 and DS3 10/04
Understanding Voice Communications A Technical Introduction 3/04
Understanding Basics of Frame Relay 12/04

TCT Certifications
CISCO Router Configuration 3/98
Telecommunications 7/98
T1 Digital Networks 1/98
Understanding ATM in Corporate Networks 2/98
Frame Relay and Wide Area Networks 10/97
TCP/IP Networking 7 98
Understanding Addressing in a TCP/IP Network 2/98
Applying Network Management Using SNMP 5/98
Basic Elements in Data Communications 10/97
Implementing and Expanding PC LANs 11/97
LAN WAN Internetworking 10/97
Local Area Networks 6/98
Remote LAN Access Technologies 5/98

Lucent Certifications
Lucent 1665 Data Multiplexer DMX Operations and Maintenance 11/08
Lucent 1665 DMX Products Ethernet Training 11/08
Carrier Access Corporation Certifications
Access Navigator 4/03
ADIT 600 4/03
Cisco BTS 10200 Certifications
Cisco BTS 10200 OMT Operations Maintenance and Troubleshooting 4/05
Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch Provisioning 4/05
MGX and VISM 3 Day Boot Camp 4/05
Cisco Certification VoBB Solution Development 2/07

12/12 -- Present Alcatel-Lucent / Verizon Ottawa, Virginia, North Carolina -- MPLS Carrier Ethernet Engineer SME for Alcatel Lucent IP/MPLS equipment including 7750, 7710, 7705, 7450, 7210, and 7950. Worked on a nationwide Verizon layer 3 and layer 2 network re configuration. Used MPLS, BGP, RSVP, BFD, ISIS and Carrier Ethernet to structure the new network and to expand layer 2 services to Verizon customers. This new network will utilize the flexibility of these technologies to overcome the extremely large MAC tables associated with an extremely large layer 2 network yet allow customers the efficiency and flexibility of layer 2 ethernet end to end in their networks. Established VPLS and VPWS Ethernet services, Mac in Mac, PBB, and Q in Q Carrier Ethernet and MPLS transport services for business customers and long haul transport. Performed MOPs establishing new MPLS LSPs and over 800 trunks to expand the Ethernet footprint to business customers and to simplify the Ethernet business network. Performed MOPs configuring over 400 carrier grade routers/switches for BGP peering. Configured these switches for ISIS, RSVP, MPLS, and BFD, and performed verification and trunk acceptance routines. Turned Bert circuit order requests into usable network documents. Configured network equipment in accordance with established processes and procedures. Worked in a team environment to detect and correct network faults during service creation and expansion. IP addressed trunk circuits and network service sets using multiple IP VLSMs. Created documents from MOPS for configuration of network equipment. Produced batch configuration files to input into network equipment. Worked with ISIS, MPLS, RSVP, and QOS within the confines of the network infrastructure. Established network latency and configured Traffic Engineering parameters as needed on trunk and access circuits, interfaces, LAGs and ports as needed. Established best practices for moving traffic onto new trunks and meshed LSPs. Performed network troubleshooting, capacity planning, and acceptance of new layer 2 services. Ateending a 2 week 7950/7750 training course in Ottawa Canada at the Alcatel facilities. Attended a 1 week training course on the 7450 at the Verizon site in Ashburn Virginia.

5/12 --12/12 Vision Technologies Glen Burnie Maryland -- Senior Network Engineer -- PONs, Wireless, WAN/LAN, IPv6, Routing & Switching, Low Voltage Network Systems, Network Discovery & Assessments -- Used Air Magnet and Net Stumbler to design, build, test, and verify wireless networks for military and civilian projects. Performed a large scale inspection for indoor and outdoor wireless and VOIP for a large gated community in Largo Maryland, including equipment purchasing, consolidation and budget remediation. Worked on the wireless infrastructure design for a DOD drone manufacturing facility. Wrote SOW and RFIs for Coppin State college new construction wireless networking. Completed design review, provided RFIs, and critical design review for the east baltimore school project. Designed and installed Bridgewave Point to Point wireless links between building sites at a highly classified biometrics laboratory. Performed an extensive walk thru of the DC Blue Plains water treatment facilities and provided RFIs, and SOWs for that project. Worked on a top secret DHS data center build out. Coordinated with Emerson/Liebert to integrate SiteScan into a major DHS data center. Purchased Cisco 3750G and GBICs, installed these switches, configured them and trained the in place staff. Configured and documented Cisco 2960 series switches. Performed primary purchasing and white package deployment, configuration and project management considerations for a nationwide hotel chain, Built a practice around network assessment, discovery, and upgrades for legacy and green field customers. Designed and ran proof of concept for IPv6 IP network upgrades and designs, Instituted a knowledge base and a peer to peer transfer of knowledge including training and basic procedural step by step hands on learning. Attended a week long Motorolla POL school from 7 14 till 7 20 2012. Troubleshot and configured the company AXS 1800 and associated ONTs to provide in building connectivity. I am presently designing an MPLS WAN for an enterprise customer. They are interested in connecting multiple sites with VPLS and using metro Ethernet to combine these sites into a distributed LAN architecture. Internally they are using POL architecture for isolated groups


9/11 -- 3/12 Axal Arabia Jeddah Saudi Arabia -- Senior Network Engineer -- WAN/LAN, MPLS, VOIP,Wireless --
Worked as a consultant to Axal Arabia SBG to design and build a first class network from the ground up. Axal Arabia is part of a construction conglomerate with billions of dollars in contracts in the Middle East. The network design includes advanced wireless, Gigabit LAN services, SAN facilities, company wide VOIP for calling, conferencing, white boarding, and fax, Database usage for Primavera, content management, asset management, and inventory control, and WAN services consisting of DSL, MPLS, IP VPNs, Metro Ethernet, and Microwave. Met with, researched and evaluated the WAN carriers, including STC, NourNet, Zain, Mobily, Go Daddy, and IGC for dependability, technology available, media used, reach, and cost. Designed, configured, and implemented a high speed, high availability dependable WAN/LAN for Axal Arabia. Troubleshot, and configured an Avaya VOIP network consisting of the G450 Voice Gateway, an S8300 Linux server, intelligent end points, soft phones, conferencing, white boarding and mobile VPN connections. Configured a Cyberoam firewall for VPN connections to remote offices and for mobile users and extranet customers. Added APs to the Aruba wireless solution and enhanced security on the wifi network. Designed, managed, and configured VLANs for voice and data on HP POE switches. Wrote SOPs, Project Plans, Deliverables Lists, Processes and Procedures to document the network and to craft a network Blue Book binder. Instituted a training program, wrote training papers, provided training materials, mentored, IT staff, and trained personnel to establish a solid IT team to handle Axal Arabia's WAN and LAN. Hired and trained additional personnel to staff the growing network IT team. Visited remote sites, and researched and approved POs for purchases of new equipment for large scale projects throughout Saudi Arabia.

9/10 -- 9/11 US Dept. Treasury Washington DC -- Senior Network Engineer - WAN MPLS VOIP VID Wireless -
Worked as a consultant to the US Department of the Treasury on existing projects and the implementation of new projects. Assisted Treasury with existing AT&T MPLS WAN expansion, configuration and troubleshooting. Planned and mapped MPLS VPNs to a MPLS DMVPN for the Treasury Department. Consulted Treasury on the change procedures, planning and implementation of a migration from legacy TDM to VOIP for the Departmental Ofices. Used remedy BMC to track, diagnose and manage network outages and bottle necks. Planned, managed, documented and implemented a Cisco wireless network with multiple access points and a Cisco WAC. Led the design and review of IP multicast and video on demand and broadcast at the facilities.

11/07 - 9/10 24 / 7 Fiber Networks Baltimore Md -- Senior Network Engineer - WAN VOIP / SONET DWDM - Provided expert guidance on future growth, emerging technologies, capacity planning, infrastructure needs and customer business needs. Acted as lead architect and design engineer for the company fiber optic infrastructure, including metro rings and long haul fiber both dark and lit. Worked with emerging and leading edge technologies including MPLS, RPR, SONET, DWDM, IPv6, QOS, and carrier ethernet. Exercised control of business relationships and vendor contracts with carriers, banks, hospitals and financial institutions. Managed a large metropolitan CO/NOC in the heart of Baltimore, including electrical, HVAC, and building security needs. Performed system wide audit for voice and data, documented and labeled all IP adressing, TDM designations and fiber LGX cross connects. Configured all systems for remote access, monitoring, and control. Trained and instructed tier 1,2, and 3 NOC personel in data and voice design, management, and troubleshooting. Installed, managed and troubleshot data, voice, and optical gear from Cisco, Juniper, Infinera, Lucent, Fujitsu, Ciena, Nortel, and Adva. Presented and implemented emerging technologies to support and grow the business for 247 Fiber Networks company. Provided capacity planning and expert assistance on future growth, in the VOIP and Optical arenas. Performed network discovery and client needs assessments to provide 24/7 and it's parent companies the ability to grow revenue with value added and next generation services. Administered company wide routing and switching network. Lead design architect for VOIP system and data voice convergence companywide and as a service offering to the existing and future customer base. designed, configured, and built wireless back haul network for verizon wireless. Worked as PM and lead engineer to design, configure, build, and manage a 1 year 10 million dollar contract with a Baltimore hospital system to upgrade the existing 5 node 2.5 Gig network to a 7 node 10 Gig network with next generation SONETusing OC 192 Lucent 1665 Metropolis, Express and Extend nodes in conjunction with 7750 platforms.

1/07 -- 11/07 Cisco / Comcast Washington DC -- Senior Engineer / WAN VOIP / SONET DWDM - Worked on
multiple large scale WAN projects. Provided capacity planning and expert assistance on future growth, in the VOIP and carrier networks including network discovery and evaluation. Presented concepts outlining NGNs and emerging technology with an emphasis on impact and implementation regarding business and technology sectors. Provided creative solutions for VOIP, IPT, Transport and converged networks to increase revenue and enhance network security and up time. Tasked to manage and architect large carrier, government and enterprise networks. Attended 3 weeks of Cisco advanced VOIP/IPT BTS 10200 training.


3/05 -- 1/07 Cisco / Time Warner, Washington DC -- Senior Engineer / WAN VOIP / SONET DWDM - Worked on multiple large scale WAN projects. Provided capacity planning and expert assistance on future growth, including triple play and Metro Ethernet for regional telephone company operators. Installed and configured Cisco Stratacom switches including the MGX 8850 and configured TDM and SONET transport gear in a high speed Central office environment. Performed Upgrade of PXM1E and installation of the new multi service MPSM card in a production CO switch. Configured and provisioned multiple ONS 15454's in a large SONET CO network. Provided pre sales engineering for Johns Hopkin's SONET and fiber networking initiative. Provided subject matter expertise to Johns Hopkins and several related companies concerning the ONS 15454 placement and capacity planning as well as advanced networking using the associated ML series router card native to the ONS platform. Provided expert guidance as it pertains to the CIsco MDX storage platform and the ONS 15530 DWDM Node as it applies to high speed data center storage and connectivity needs. Provided training and guidance on SONET, DWDM, ATM, T1/T3 and multiple WAN protocols to Johns Hopkins, associated companies and CO personnel. Attending 2 weeks of
advanced Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch training for the Time Warner VOIP triple play telephony rollout. Received the Cisco BTS 10200 OMT and provisioning certifications. Worked with highly secure voice, video, and telephone networking in order to deliver converged networking and triple play to Cable companies, CLECs, and ILECs. Provisioned, tested and troubleshot SS7, SIP, MGCP, Megaco, H.248, H.323, ITP, IPT, VOIP, QOS, RTP, and T1/T3. Built a fully functioning BTS system from scratch utilizing the Sun Fire V1280 Netra in a duplex system incorporating 4 Sun boxes and associated gateways and routers. Attended Cisco MGX bootcamp in Richardson Texas Made numerous upgrades to the Time Warner MGX 8850 /BTS 10200 network in a production capacity. Upgraded the PXM firmware as well as the VISM firmware on TWC's Cisco BTS softswitch solution which incorporates the MGX platforms and VISM service module for T1 aggregation in their triple play network. Session Border Controls integration.

7/03 -- 3/05 Unisys TSA , Washington DC -- Senior Network Engineer / VOIP Engineering Team lead - Lead design engineer for the TSA VOIP telephony rollout. Working with highly secure telecommunications, including
conferencing, recording, and calling functionality. Performed design for the EOP using Cisco ONS 15454 multi service gear in conjunction with 6509 platforms and IPSEC VPN technology. Designed and implemented white package voice and network installations using Cisco routers, voice gateways and IP phones. Developed implementation plans and wrote design documents, as builts and operations manuals for network and telecommunication systems. Performed telecommunications inventory, and ordered PRIs to support the infrastructure and planned expansion of the TSA secure sites. Designed secure AVVID network infrastrusture and incorporated SRST into the airport routers. Designed and managed the installation of Cisco Call Manager and Unity voicemail at the Hosting Center, that will support nearly 400 nationwide airports. Reviewed documentation and performed site inventories to aide in capacity planning Acted as project manager to ensure design goals and schedules were met on time. Instituted Patch management and Change management across multiple platforms and versions of hardware and software.

4/02 -- 7/03 TRW -- DC Net, Washington DC -- Senior Optical Network Engineer - Lead design engineer for the 30 million dollar DC Net city wide fiber optic network. Acted as expert engineer to review SONET equipment from Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, Fujitsu, Alcatel, NEC, Calix, and Redback. Received specific onsite certification and training on SONET products. Tasked to design the Fiber topology, SONET layer, VOIP, VLAN and MPLS architecture for the DC Net project. Cisco 2600, 3600, 7200, 7300, 7600, 10720, 12406 routers and 2950, 3500, 3550, 6500 catalyst switches were used for the layer 2/3 switching and routing. An extremely large and complex MPLS with layer 3 VPN solution was integrated into the city wide BGP and OSPF network. Layer 2 VPNs and IPSEC were integrated into the customer network for security. Avaya Gateways were installed in each location to provide IP trunking for toll bypass and tie line replacement. Cisco IP phones were used at site locations to provide Converged network services. This project will bring the DC government agencies together with one unifying fiber optic network. There are 360 sites serving 80 agencies with 60,000 telephones and over 30,000 data ports, including secure agencies such as Police, Fire, Courts, DDOT, Schools, Libraries, and Hospitals. Responsible for all phases of the data voice convergence initiative. Used Cisco and Lucent VOIP products and CAC multiplexers with Cisco ONS 15454 and 15327 MSPP boxes to provide data and voice connectivity. Reviewed in detail DWDM, POS, PON, RPR, DPT and TDM as viable alternatives to be considered.


8/01 -- 4/02 Cabletron/Enterasys, Washington DC - Senior Network Consultant - Tasked to upgrade the federal VA network. The network has a core of Ethernet LAN switches and a WAN consisting of Fore/Marconi ATM switches and Cisco routers. The hospital network consists of 178 sites connected together by high speed links. ATM and T3 are utilized for high speed in the WAN. A VLAN architecture is employed at the local sites running over Multimode fiber with some nearby buildings running single mode fiber. Testing of the Links and network connectivity is accomplished with Bert testers, OTDRs, Fluke Scanners/Protocol Analyzers, LAN probes, an NMS with RMON agents. Tasked with WAN troubleshooting of the ATM links and T1/T3 lines from the main sites to remote hospitals and VA sites in conjunction with local and long distance vendors. The Cabletron Roamabout 1 and 2 were used to connect inter city buildings. Provisioning circuits, testing circuits, and giving baselines for performance and errors. Building a state of the art NMS and very high grade security into the network.

1/01 -- 8/01 Qwest - Butte Montana - Senior Network Engineer - Set up NOC/Data Center for Qwest to integrate their ATM, Frame Relay, SONET, T1, and IP networks. Tested troubleshot and configured Cisco 2000, 3000, 4000, 7000 series routers, the complete line of Cisco catalyst switches and Pix firewalls. Monitored configured and trobleshot Lucent/Ascend CBX 500, GX 550 and BSTDX 9000 switches, Cienna Broadband equipment, Alcatel DACS, cross connects, and Multiplexors and Nortel DDM 1000 and 2000 SONET gear. Supplied documentation, escalation, training and standard operating procedures as needed to allow for a smooth transition within the NOC. Troubleshot down circuits and poor perfomance using a variety of troubleshooting and monitoring tools. These tools included monitoring with HP Openview, Nortel Preside, Cienna Multiwave 1600 and 4000 series Sentry software, Fireberd ATM-T1-T3, T_BERD T-Carrier Analyzer and Lucent Ascend/Naviscore. Naviscore, Preside, Cienna, Fireberd and Hikemian React were used to test and shutdown and bring up switches and DACS to restore service to downed lines. React was used to change pin assignments in order to bypass bad ports on Titan 532L and 5500 DACS. The React system dealt with dso through ds3 and fractional T1's. Fireberd 500, 4000, and 6000 gear and T-BERD 209, 307, and 310 gear were used to monitor, loop and, test ATM, Frame, and T1 circuits. Worked with local and long distance carriers to isolate and restore service to T1, ATM, Frame, IP, Broadband, Microwave, and Wireless circuits using various tests, loopbacks, and running NNI through looped circuits.

6/00 -- 1/01 Nortel Networks - Marina Del Rey CA - Senior Network Engineer - Performed network integration, design, and troubleshooting of Bay/Nortel hardware and software components. Used Bay/Nortels products in T1,
Frame, ATM, and SONET transport systems with IP, Ethernet and VOIP technologies. Deployed narrowband, broadband and wireless solutions to both end users and carrier based networks. Acted as pre-sales engineer on LAN/ WAN topologies incorporating Ethernet, T1, and OC hardware and software solutions. Software solutions included Bay Optivity, Bay Site Manager, Passport Express Manager, and Preside Management solutions. Hardware solutions included BayStack, Centillion , Meridian , and Passport. Routers included ANH, AN, ASN, ARN, BN, Centillion, Enterprise, Nautica, and Passport series. SONET/ATM hardware included Nortel Preside NMS, OPTera, S/DMS, SDH, TransportNode and Shasta IP/Optical series router/switch/ Nodes. Accelar route/switch and Versalar access products were also employed.

1/00 -- 6/00 Ameristar Technologies -- Wilmington DE -- Senior Network Engineer -- Designed, installed,
configured, maintained and troubleshot heterogeneous networks containing equipment from Cisco, 3Com, Bay,Intel,
Kentrox, and Adtran. Designed a Network Management System incorporating Cabletron SPECTRUM,
HP Openview, Cisco Works/View, 3Com Transcend, Bay Optivity, and Concord Network Health. Set up an
advanced help desk utilizing Network Associate's Magic Total Service Desk. Phased in the use of SPECTRUM and
the Magic TSD helpdesk to perform complete monitoring of all WAN, LAN, Frame lines, servers, applications, and
workstations. Used Sun Solaris and SPARC 10 and Enterprise 2 components for management hardware and
software. Setup, troubleshot and maintained a Frame Relay network with 18 geographically dispersed locations.
Determined CIR, DE, and pipe bandwidth for Frame Relay networks. Set up and configured DSL modems, and
routers. Performed cable plant design and management. Worked on Telecommunications issues, from provisioning
circuits, to determining demarcation, to punching down individual circuits. Configured Cisco 7000, 4000, 3600, 2400,
2000 series routers and the complete line of Cisco Catalyst switches. Fore systems and Xylan equipment were used
in several customer networks


9/99 -- 1/00 Commerce Bank -- Mount Laurel NJ -- Senior Network Engineer -- Tasked with building, configuring,
installing, troubleshooting and maintaining routers, switches, bridges, and CSU/DSU's manufactured by Bay, Cisco,
and Kentrox. Set up Frame Relay, ISDN, and POTS lines for branch banks and main Administrative locations.
Configured routers for RIP, TCP / IP, and IPX / SPX. Standardized and configured routers using Bay Site Manager
and Net ID. Monitored and troubleshot network components using Bay Optivity 8 and 9 Running on an NT 5.0
Compaq server. Set up an advanced Network Management Platform utilizing Bay Optivity components running in
conjunction with Sun Net Manager on a Solaris platform installed on a SPARC 10 workstation. Performed Novel,
NT, and UNIX administration and troubleshooting.

9/98 -- 9/99 Prism Consulting -- Valley Forge PA -- Network Engineer -- Performed various short-term
assignments with fortune 1000 companies in the Philadelphia / Wilmington area and assisted Prism internally with
their WAN and current desktop configuration. Worked toward the Cisco CCIE, 3Com Wizard, Bay expert, and
HP Openview Certifications and taught a Cisco course at a local college. The short-term assignments have
concentrated on WAN / LAN configuration, installation, management and troubleshooting of Cisco, 3Com, and Bay
Network gear along with Windows 95/98, NT, Novell, and UNIX administration and troubleshooting issues.

6/97 -- 9/98 CSC - DuPont --Newark DE -- Network Engineer / Analyst -- Worked in a large data center supporting
over 55 major companies , with extensive WAN / LAN systems. LAN technologies utilizing ATM, FDDI, Token Ring,
and Fast, Switched, and Gig. Ethernet, were employed throughout. Responsible for troubleshooting, management,
and installation of in house data center equipment, as well as the management and troubleshooting of remote
equipment and circuits. Worked with numerous Routing and Routed protocols, Name Services, and network
topologies. Provided security through the use of Firewalls, Gateways, and Proxy services. Maintained PC's and
Workstations and trained users on network monitoring applications. Developed processes and procedures outlining
escalation, passdown, ticketing, and training requirements. Wrote Standard Operating Procedures for the monitoring
and troubleshooting of network outages including use of Ping, Telnet, Traceroute, Finger, FTP and Netstat as they
can be used to diagnose and correct network failures and the use of SNMP set and get commands to diagnose,
correct, or bypass downed T1 Links in an extensive TDM network. Used, developed, and trained users on numerous
Network Management platforms. Among these were NET's NMS 5000 for the monitoring and administering of over
200 NET T1 Nodes linking DuPont's global network. Netview, Hp Openview and many HP Openview Bolt-Ons were
employed to manage 3Comm, Bay,Cabletron, Cisco, DEC, FORE, IBM, Motorola, Newbridge, Synoptic, UB and
WellFleet equipment for over 55 companies managed by CSC. Developed, maintained and promulgated training
material including CBT and TCT setup and explanation.

8/95 - 6/97 University of Bridgeport - Bridgeport CT - LAN / WAN PC Support Specialist - Worked with
UNIX, IBM, and Macintosh computers as stand alones and as networked systems. Installed, troubleshot, maintained, and trained users on the NT operating system. Trained all users on the Macintosh and IBM computers. Maintained and troubleshot e-mail and Internet services. Tasked with using bridges, ROUTERS, hubs, network servers, peripherals, and associated cabling to allow various computer systems to be linked into a homogenous network. Responsible for all hardware and software installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Installed campus wide fiber optic media and attached all WAN components. Extensive Cisco, TCP / IP, VLAN, ATM, and Frame Relay experience and training. I received a full room and board scholarship to attend this School.

12/96 -- 1/97 Johns Hopkins Hospital -- Baltimore MD -- Network Administrator -- Setup and maintained Novell
networks. Performed migration from Novell 3 to Novell 4. Developed custom images to install on all computers. Installed, maintained, and troubleshot network hardware and software. Setup NT network and trained system administrators on basic operating procedures. Tasked with ROUTER, Cisco-Motorola-Bay, configuration and setup. Monitored WAN and LAN systems and provided top-level support for servers, workstations and all peripherals. Built a DNS server and instituted company wide TCP / IP and Cisco routing procedures.


4/93 - 8/95 Department of Transportation - Dover DE - Network Administrator's Assistant / LAN - Tech
Supported the network administrator in setting up hardware for a vast network of IBM compatible and VAX based computers. Assisted in wiring and installing peripherals and multi drive network servers. Performed migration from Novell 3.1 to NT 3.51 Server for 150 computers. Trained users on the use of NT. Installed and troubleshot software on the stand alone and networked computers. Used MS excel, word, access, and PowerPoint in conjunction with Map Info, Autocad, DOS, Lotus and Word Perfect to create spreadsheets, databases, reports, graphs, tables, and presentations for the monitoring of state roadways. Used macros and SQL querying to link and update associated
files and documents. Trained employees in classroom settings on the use of MS office products, e-mail, and the Internet. Supported all WAN connections and transport, microwave and mixed media. Used routers and switches from various vendors, Cisco, 3Com, Bay, Wellfleet, Fore Systems, and Motorola to build a state of the art WAN.

10/92 -- 4/93 Rotec International, Indonesia - FAA Training Consultant - Trained and certified Indonesian
aircraft mechanics and engineers for the US Federal Aviation Administration. Trained personnel in the general use of the IBM and Macintosh computer. Instructed engineers and mechanics on usage of repair and maintenance spreadsheets, databases, and report logs. Taught MS office products to office personnel. Performed one on one and group demonstrations of DOS and Windows based software.

1/91 - 7/91 Industrial Non-Destructive Testing, Savannah, GA - Non-Destructive Testing Technician -
Performed non-destructive testing of industrial machinery in power plants, factories, and paper mills. Performed Quality Control and Quality Assurance in accordance with industry standards, government regulations and military specifications. Badged to work in Nuclear Power Plants.

11/88 -- 1/91 Atlantic Aviation, Wilmington DE - Hydraulics / Non-Destructive Quality Control Supervisor - Initiated and maintained inventory and ordering databases which utilized a flag automatic ordering system and just in time delivery system. Used DOS and Windows software, Microsoft office products, Lotus, and Word Perfect to prepare reports, tables, graphs and spreadsheets for overhaul and maintenance projects.

7/83 -- 7/87 United States Navy, - Gas Turbine ( jet engine ) Systems Electronics Technician - Operate,
maintain and troubleshoot shipboard jet engines used for propulsion and electricity generation. Repair, maintain, and operate alternators, batteries, switchgear, switchboards, relays, motors, transformers, printed logic controllers, hydraulic / pneumatic systems, and electronic systems including analog to digital conversion and monitoring. Wire, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain electronic systems to the component level. Order repair and maintenance parts and supplies over a computerized system. Maintain a computerized inventory system. Stationed for 2 years in Japan.

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