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Software Developer

Primary Skills
, C++, 8051 Assembly language, Java, ARM, MIPS, 8051, Linux, UNIX, Python, GDB, uClinux, GNU, TCP/IP, UDP

US-CA-San Jose (will consider relocating)



• Two years of experience in C/Assembly programming and Linux.
• Expertise in object oriented programming in C++.
• Good knowledge and understanding in Device Drivers and Operating System Internals.
• Knowledge of multi-threaded applications development using POSIX threads library.
• Comfortable with Assembly level programming and various embedded architectures like AT89C51, ARM7.
• Knowledge of GNU development tools like GCC, GNU make and understanding in using GNU Debugger.
• Knowledge in Booting and Bringing-Up the Linux Kernel, memory management.
• Knowledge of OSI layers in computer networks and Socket Programming and Remote Procedural Calls.

• Languages: C, C++, 8051 Assembly language, Java.
• Architectures: ARM, MIPS, 8051.
• OS: Windows XP/Vista, Linux, UNIX.
• Scripting Language: Python.
• Debugging Tools: GDB, DDD, Wireshark.
• Embedded OS: uClinux.
• Design Tools: GNU, ARM Project Manager.
• Web: HTML, CGI interface.
• Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DNS, ARP, RTP, NFS, RTP, RTCP, TFTP
• Others: PostgreSQL, MS-Office, OpenSSL, SPI, I2C, CAN-Bus, UART, Ethernet, RS232, RS485.
• Masters of Science in Computer Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. Spring 2009-Present
• Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, Kolhapur Institute of Technology, India.

Operating Systems, Algorithms and Data structures in C++, Computer Architecture, Micro Computer Design, Programming in C, System Software, Computer Networks, Network Programming and Applications, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Software, Embedded Multimedia Software.

SJSU Computer Engineering, San Jose, CA
Student Assistant in LAB, Fall 2010
Worked in Computer Engineering, Embedded Lab on projects under Prof. Harry Li. Projects include smart lab equipment and interfacing of RFID module RDM630 with ARM-7 microcontroller, involves coding in C.

Petron Engineering, Mumbai, India Jan. 2008 -- Oct. 2008
Electronics Engineer.
Project: Delayed Coker Unit IOCL Panipat.
Designing control panel of KOBALCO 150T cranes using AT89C51 microcontrollers.

• Designing the measurement and control panel for the boom angle and boom length and indicators for hydraulic system.
• Involved in interfacing various sensors using C.

Petron Engineering, Mumbai, India Feb. 2006 -- Dec. 2007
Electronics Engineer
Project: Obajana Cement Plant Obajana Nigeria.
Instrument communication and Data logging, developing and testing the automatic motor speed control.
• Worked in developing Temperature Sensing and controlling system using DS1630 Temperature sensor.
• Implemented Client /Server Socket programming using TCP/UDP between local machines and Central Control Unit (CCR) using C sockets.
Environment: GNU GCC, Ubuntu.

1) Data Structures in C++:
• Implemented linked lists, hash tables, binary trees, B-trees and sorting algorithm such as Insert sort and Quick sort.
2) Projects Done on ARM7 Microcontrollers, 2009/2010.
• Implemented following projects on ARM7 microcontroller, Samsung S3C44B0 board.
• Program for data logging using Serial Peripheral Interface SPI flash memory AT45DB081D, including commands for control word commands, read and write commands for operation as well as test routines for the same.
• Developed IR interface using IR sensor TSOP1236.
• Interfacing serial flash memory using device driver on uClinux OS.
• Enabled Web-services on embedded system using CGI Interface and Boa Server using TCP and UDP sockets.
• Developing Graphics application on Android Device using OpenCL, OpenGL.

3) Computer Networking
• Distributed Banking System: Implemented distributed banking system using 3-tier architecture Client -- Server programming using C Language POSIX sockets. Used Embedded SQL statements to invoke the PostgreSQL database. This project also handles multiple clients using multi-threading approach. Provided security using OpenSSL cryptography with DES algorithm.

4) CAN BUS Protocol implementation on AT89C51-Microcontroller, 2004
• Written software to implement serial communication CAN-BUS protocol in single master mode on AT89C51 controller. This includes writing programs like ECC cyclic redundancy codes CRC, bit stuffing/de-stuffing, synchronization for serial communication etc.

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