Electronics/Electrical Engineer Resume

Electronics/Electrical Engineer

Primary Skills
Analog.Digital.design.PCB layout.Embbeded System.medical devices



U.S. Citizen Security clearance: Confidential

Objective: Highly Professional Engineer in Electronics field, specializing in Semiconductor, Medical Device, Networking, Nuclear and Laser Industries.
Electronic/Electrical Design Engineer

Summary Statement
• Hands-on work experience in production environment
• Research, development, operation activities
• Enthusiastic, independent, self-motivated, assumes responsibility necessary to get the job done
• Works cooperatively with a wide range of personalities and work well across disciplines
• Equally effective along or as a member of a team
• Analytical, creative, progressive

Technical Skills:

Computer Electronics
• Embedded Hardware Design, Embedded Systems Programming,
• SPI,I2C,RS-232,RS-422,RS-485,IrDA,CAN,

Programming languages
• C/C++, TCL, VHDL, Verilog

Operating Systems
• Windows 95. 98.NT. 2000, XP, Linux(Red Head),VxWorks

Digital Electronics
• Design, development, troubleshooting repair, test, sustaining digital electronics
• PCB boards for Industrial Robots, Semiconductors and Medical Technologies
• RISC Microprocessors, ARM , DSP Blackfin, Microcontrollers, FPGA
• TTL logic, combinational logic, programming devices PLD, CPLD, PAL, D/A Converters

Analog Electronics
• Design, development, troubleshooting repair and test analog electronics
• Low power, low noise DC to DC Converters
• Amplifiers, modulators, demodulators, RF-filters, A/D converters
• Attenuators, mixers, phase shifters, isolators, voltage regulators, receivers, transmitters, PWM
• Phase locked loop (PLL), RF, UHF, HF
• Temperature control, pressure control, motor control, mixed signal analyzes

Software Programs
• Lab View .OrCad, Cadence HDL, PCB Designer, Layout, Altium Designer , Lab Windows CVI. Test Stand, Spice, AlteraMax+, MpLAB, MultiSim, Xilinx

Computer Networking
• TCP/IP. DNS. DHCP. FTP. Active Directory, WINS. IP Routing, RRAS, RIP, OSPF, VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, NAT,LAN

Design control
• Design input, design output, design verification, design validation, design review
• Specification development, test method, design manufacturing test equipment
• Low noise, amplifiers, detectors, photodiode array

Compliance Regulatory
• IEC 60601, EMI, EMC, CE, UL, ES, ISO 13485, ISO 9000, FDA QSR

Measuring and test equipment
• Analog and digital oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Counter, Function Generator, DVM, Network Analyzer, Logic Converter, Word Generator, Distortion Analyzer


09/2011-02/2012 Product Design Electronics/Electrical Engineer
(Contract) Medica Corp- Bedford, MA

• Research and Design analog and digital electronics in R&D Department
• RFID, Infrared, Flash ,DSP,Microchip on base of Microprocessor
• Trouble shooting and repair analog and digital circuit boards. On component, board and system levels
• Supported product, debugged and diagnosed PCB
• Programmed Flash downloading Hex code
• Designed, developed evaluated and analyzed digital and analog circuit for Blood Processing System and build Pilot Prototype board
• Created Schematic and PCB Layout with Cadence OrCad Capture and HDL tools
• Simulated FPGA's and developed circuit (VHDL)

04/2011/ - 09/2011
(Contract) Electronics Engineer
Boston Power- Westborough, MA
• Hardware and software Lab work
• Trouble shooting and repair analog and digital circuit boards on component, board and system levels
• Supported product, debugged and diagnosed PCB
• Programmed DSP with Boot loader Firmware
• Designed, developed evaluated and analyzed digital and analog circuit
• Developed schematics and BOM
• Simulated FPGA's and developed circuit (VHDL)
• Completed documentation package and ECO
• Developed and designed manufacturing test fixtures
• Internal and External customer communication and performed root case analyzes

07/2010 -- 09/2010
(Contract) Electrical Engineer
Instron Corp
• Trouble shooting and debugged analog and digital circuits
• Supported manufacturing
• Developed Test fixtures
• Creating schematic on OrCad software
• PSPICE simulation tools for design and verification
• Developed FPGA (VHDL)

01/2010 -- 07/2010 Embedded Systems Software/Hardware R&D Engineer
(Contract) Spectro.Inc -- Littleton, MA

• Research and Development Validation, verification designing and testing
• X-Ray, Embedded Systems and Spectral Analyzes System
• Developing low noise test system and test program
• Trouble shooting and repair analog and digital circuits
• Design laser detector with electromagnetic system
• Collecting, analyzing processing data and writing technical report with laboratory records
• Developing multiple projects from concept to the final product (concepts were created at the well known companies such as: Lockheed Martin, Stony Brook Scientific, QinetiQ and Bruker AXS)

2006 -- 2009 Electronics Engineer IV/Test Azores Corporation -- Wilmington, MA

• Performed, tested, evaluated and documented PCB's prototype cards
• Low noise optoelectronics and fiber -- optics robotic vision system
• Developed debugged and tested prototype PCB's cards for Industrial Robot and Semiconductors
• Reviewed and updated engineering design documentation including schematics, parts lists, assembly drawings, specification control drawings, layout
• Troubleshoot, debugged, repaired, validated and verified analog and digital electronics circuit
• Debugged hardware on PXI, VME,VXI,MXI-2 Embedded System Linux, C platform,
• Diagnosed hardware utilizing C, on Linux platform
• Wrote test program, procedures and test specifications LabView
• Created schematic used to OrCad Capture design tools
• Used to simulate and diagnosed SPICE simulation tools
• Designed and developed analog and digital electronics circuit
• Performed root case analyzes
• Programmed FPGA on Xilinx platform, CPLD, PAL, EEPROM,
• Mixed Signal in support of PCB cards test, and debugged

2005- 2006 Senior Electronics Systems Engineer
(Contract) Omni Sonics Medical Technologies Inc. -- Wilmington, MA

• Research, developed and evaluated low noise electronics circuits, 2 channels optical bandpass 340nm to 800nm filters and light reflection test program on light engine Hamamatsu linear diode array platform utilizing Lab View
• Developed and troubleshoot electrical conceptual design on base of ARM processor
• Specified and selected electrical components
• Created drawing and documentation on base of OrCad platform, Schematics, Layout
• Performed final product verifications and validation on components, design and product
• IEC/UL /EMC /CE Standards 60601, ISO 13485

8/2004--8/2005 Senior Manufacturing Electrical Engineer
(Contract) Instrumentation Laboratory (Medical Device) -- Lexington, MA

• Leadership for development Fiber Optics Automated Control Equipment (Blue red and halogen light test)340nm -- 640nm for measuring the absorption of light versus wavelength as the light passes through a blood
• Developed Probe Temperature control system on base of Microcontroller
• Evaluated Software and Hardware on CAN and Ethernet communications protocol
• Developed Electro-Optics/Opto - Electronics Embedded Systems -- IrDA ,I2C,SPI protocols
• Provided engineering sustaining for operations
• Performed root case analyzes, failed analyzes and product verification and validation
• Diagnosed and debugged software and hardware utilizing C/C++,
• Lab Windows CVI, LabView, Test Stand
• Performed in Trouble-shoot and repaired electronic PCB's for Medical Robot
• System specification. PCI, GPIB, DAQ
• FDA regulated, ISO 9000,UL,FCC, IQ, OQ, IEC/UL /EMC/CE Standards 60601, ISO 13485
• Transferred new product from R&D department to the Manufacturing group
• Transferred Automated Test Equipment to the Vendor site
• Trained personal on vendor site

2/2004 -- 8/2004 Senior Test Design Engineer (Information and Electronic Warfare Systems)
(Contract) BAE Systems -- Nashua, NH

• Test Design and evaluation of existed product, EMI Filter
• Designed Test Specification and programming Lab Windows CVI, Test Stand
• Performed test and measurement for verification and validation Operated test procedure and instructions. Designed, verified, build and evaluated test fixtures
• Hands on experience for compliance engineering for Automated Test Equipment
• Wrote Test Procedures
• Communicated with vendors and customers
• Trained technical personnel

1999-2003 Electrical Engineer Photoelectron Medical Corporation- Lexington, MA

• Built, developed, designed prototyped complex electronic circuits for high precision medical equipment used to diagnose, treats brain and breast cancer Electronic Control Console PRS 400 and PRS 500 (EMBEDDED SYSTEMS)
• Created the first control system to verify the hardware and software functionality of the company's PRS product line
• Provided Engineering support in trouble-shooting and repairing company products
• Analyzed/evaluated software and hardware systems on base of ARM Processor and Microcontroller
• Programmed final product verification and validation
• FDA regulated, ISO 9000, UL, FCC, EMI, EMC 60601,ISO 13485
• Transferred a new product from R&D to Manufacturing department
• Wrote test procedures for new product and developed test procedures for old product
• Built laser control console to control laser diodes used in the Laser X-ray product
• Maintained records, and created technical reports
• Was involved in research and development of a new generation of Photon-Radio surgery system PRS 500 with RF-Communications interface IrDA on base of DSP Blackfin
• Trained Zeiss Medical personnel in the PRS products in addition to programming and trouble-shooting the systems and resolving other technical issues

1998-1999 Test Engineer Hybricon, Inc. -- Ayer, MA

• Resolved a technical problem, which allowed the company's primary test system to significantly increased its capability and production capacity
• Build engineering prototype for manufacturing development
• Trouble-shoot test and repaired to the component level all company product
• Created a new test programs utilizing Lab View C

1996-1998 Field Service Electronic Engineer AOI Industries, Inc. -- Lowell, MA

• Performed automated optical inspections of printed circuit boards on Linux VxWorks platform
• Xenon light source, 40 channels photo detectors
• Boundary Scan, Board debug used functional test specification
• Diagnosed, trouble-shoot, tested, and repaired digital and analog subsystems and boards. Microprocessors and Morphological processor boards
• Supported customers communicated with remote access control

1995-1996 Senior Electronic Repair Radionics, Inc (Medical)-Burlington, MA

• Performed final test procedures for the RFG-3B Plus Lesion generator
• Trouble-shoot and repaired on components, boards and system levels (Embedded Systems)
On base of Motorola 6800
• Built prototype for RFG new generation
• Diagnosed evaluated all company electronic product
• Built RFG-3C new generation system

Additional technical background:

Prior to 1993, held increasingly responsible positions as an Electronics Engineer in the
Nuclear Power Plant, Medical, Semiconductor industries in the former Soviet Union

• LAN/WAN Technologies in Digital Center and Management Information Systems Departments
• Developed Set of noise factor and noise temperature on Radio Frequency. Supper High Frequency. Ultra High Frequency
• Trouble-shoot and repaired Mainframe computers and Network
• Designed electronic local protection for Nuclear Reactor
• Analyzed and developed X-Ray and Digital Radiography Systems

Training Unlimited, Inc
Business and Computer Training Solutions
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Diploma
Computer Networking + Certificate
A+ PC Technician Certificate

Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School
Computer Networking Diploma

Institute of Analog and Digital Electronics (former USSR)
Electronics Engineer (5 years,) equivalent to MSEE

References and additional information available upon request

Training Unlimited, Inc
Business and Computer Training Solutions
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Diploma
Computer Networking + Certificate
A+ PC Technician Certificate

Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School
Computer Networking Diploma

Institute of Analog and Digital Electronics (former USSR)
Electronics Engineer (5 years,) equivalent to MSEE


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