Senior Project Manager Resume

Senior Project Manager

Primary Skills
Effective leader by embracing the responsibility to lead, manage, motivate, inspire, and reward individuals and teams

US-NV-Las Vegas (will consider relocating)



Technical Expertise

SME with hands on and advisory mode on CIDNE and TIGR Military data reporting systems in Iraq and Afghanistan over an 8 year span, Level IV Strategic Planner, FSR installing, repairing, replacing MMBJ and Duke IED jammers; SME on Fiber, copper route design. Expert on gigabit Ethernet in NOCs/JOCs using WAN Port Management routing voice/data over DISN (NIPR/SIPR/Centrix) Networks; DRSN (ISAF General Staff)/DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) for longhaul fiber routes within Iraq/Afghanistan. Consulted on Cell Protocols GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, UMTS - (Texas, Arkansas, Pakistan, Alaska, Indonesia). MW antenna alignment worldwide; Expert in Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity. ROW permits for cell sites, construction management. Utilized Optical Network equipment such as Sycamore, Ciena, Sorrento frequently. Directional boring under roads, rivers. Copper and fiber cable design and equipment room layouts. As-Built Drawings, rack face drawings, construction specifications, RFPs, RFQs, IRU implementation. Wrote and implanted Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, and Cost plus Contracts. Ability to speak very effectively before groups, partners, customers, General Staff. Ability to communicate effectively and express ideas clearly both verbally and in writing in both technical and non-technical terms for all users civilian and General Staff, support staff at all levels. Recognized as an effective Team leader by embracing the responsibility to lead, manage, motivate, inspire, and reward individuals and teams. Dynamic, self-motivated individual with confidence and tenacity to succeed.

Professional Experience
Planate Management Group--Green Village-Kabul, Afghanistan - June 2011-September 2011- Sr. Consultant Strategic Planner IV ISAF -
GSM/GPRS/WCDMA/UMTS Expeditionary Cell Communications System (ECCS) for 24/7 Emergency Service After Area Wide Cell Sites Plus Fiber Channel E-1 Shutdown By Taliban.
Created Trouble Ticket System on this Congressional approved 20 COW system linked by Microwave and installed by Mantech Corporation defining call parameters;
Created weekly Call volume reporting for Emergency call and Mobile-to-mobile (M2M) in RC-South and RC-South West;
Created PowerPoint slides for weekly updates to ISAF General and staff;
Created PowerPoint slides for Battalion weekly briefs.
Advised on E-1 optimization for 24/7 connectivity employing fiber Ciena or
Sycamore equipment.

SIX3 Systems, Inc- FOB Orgun-E, Paktika Province, Afghanistan November 2010-May 2011
CIDNE/TIGR Operator-Battalion S-2; SME Telecommunication Networks
Inputted daily Sigact reports into Combined Information Data Network Exchange (CIDNE) and Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR) on Centrex and SIPR.
Produced Person, Village, and Bed down area PowerPoint Baseball Cards on
Americans, Filipinos with data pulls from several sources for Company and
Battalion operations.
GSM/GPRS/WCDMA/UMTS Cell equipment and WAN connectivity optimization.

Terra Concepts LLC-FOBs Gardez, Sharana , Afghanistan November 2009-November 2010
Civil Information Manager-Brigade
Managed CIDNE Commanders Emergency Response Program (CERP) financial, Engineering, Rule of Law folders prior to publishing into database.
Developed Target Person folders with pictures and assessments of Locals.
Instructed Military Civil Affairs officers and EM in CIDNE reporting procedures.
Developed PowerPoint slides on procedures and processes.
Advised Military and Civilians on optimizing LAN/WAN telecommunication arrays.

Battlespace Flight Services-Ramstein AFB, Germany June 2009 October 2009
Consultant in Tech Control as Senior WAN Telecom Specialist on Satcom circuits on the Reachback program. Troubleshot and performed uplink and downlink
connectivity between pilots in the USA and Predator and Global Hawk drones in Middle East using LAN/WANs over SIPR DISN ATM network.

U.S Census Bureau-Las Vegas, Nevada; Collection Manager-March2009-June2009
Canvassed neighborhoods to verify living quarters address. Took GPS Map spots of all living quarters.
Mapped with GPS map spots new streets and houses in sub divisions.

Carson Enterprises, Inc on Contract To NEK/ASG-Afghanistan Crane Certified Sr. FSR At JTF Paladin- June 2008 December 2008
Installed, programmed, and tested Duke V-2 jamming systems in various vehicles.
Installed, programmed, and tested MMBJ 2.1 jamming systems in various vehicles.
Wrote reports on installations and maintenance for Military leaders.
Consulted on fiber/CAT 5 LAN/WAN optimization for JOC/NOCs for NIPR/SIPR/Centrix systems over DISN array.
Advanced Information Systems Las Vegas, Nevada February 2008 May 2008
Sr. Consultant to Cox Business Fiber Channel Systems

Page 3 Carson
Wrote RFP to be used for construction on major clients premises for best utilization of Cox fiber Channel connection and CCTV embedded plant.
Gathered data from various Cox Construction, Planning, Design, Splicing entities to develop a Construction Guide for Contractors not familiar with Cox policies and procedures.
RFP approved by various Cox Vice Presidents and Directors. RFP implemented immediately by issuance to several Contractors.

ITT Federal Systems (ITT TACSWACAA) Iraq August 2004 January 2008
Information Technologist

Troubleshot Network connectivity for Multi-National Warfighters computers;
Created new User Accounts for NIPR, SIPR, Centrix in MS Active Directory, CIDNE; Updated users profiles.
Created new mailboxes, distribution lists;
Troubleshot Cisco VOIP phones, Models 7912, 7940, 7960 and advised users on
connection procedures
Created Remedy Tickets for all Ranks and all users of all aspects of service.
Baseline laptop and desktop computers for Army NIPR, SIPR, Centrex servers to condition them for use in the Global War on Terror.
Consulted on best Engineering practices on Taji, Camps Liberty and Victory using fiber optimizing equipment Ciena, Sorrento, and Sycamore .

Carson Enterprises-Las Vegas, NV January 2002-July 2004
Senor Project Manager-- STAFF-Fiber Design-Maryland, Virginia
FTTN and FTTP for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). Designing F2 Conditioning for UVERSE Service for DAs in Maryland & Virginia for AT&T, SBC Sites.
Utilized various Fiber Channel runs of various types: Leaf, Adss,
Augmented the fiber feeds from aerial and underground plant.

C-3 Communications, Inc-Austin, Texas September 2001-November 2001
QA/QC Sr. Staff
Inventoried Fiber Channel Repeater sites around Texas perimeter, Arkansas, New Orleans and corrected As built drawings to show actual Carrier Hotel Relay Racks, equipment layout for IRU rent charges per rack number and per Amp/power for each rack, power requirements, and cable for NOC records.
Verified that 60 mile apart sites had adequate power requirements, cabling for DWDM equipment installation. Recommended Ciena or Sorrento equipment.
Updated ROW, relay rack agreement contracts

Digital Teleport, Inc-St. Louis, MO March 2001-August 2001
Senior Project Manager-Design Staff
Implemented Longhaul IRU from Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL by providing Equipment connectivity to carrier hotel owners across multiple jurisdictions.

Page 4 Carson
Verified fiber Racks could support DWDM equipment to increase capacity.

Network Development Consultants- Morro Bay, CA January 2000-December 2000
Senior Project Manager-Design Staff
Managed 5 X 4500 directional bores for MCI/WorldCom into Morro Bay to bring submarine cable ashore from Japan and Australia. Directed various entities involved: Botanists, Paleontologists, Indian Chief, Environmentalists, State and County Authorities, ombudsman.
Oversight of various environmental permits, ROW, property easements for ducts, directional boring permits with California DOT, hazmat dump sites.

Electric Lightwave, Inc-Vancouver, WA August 1998-December 1999
Senior Project Manager-Inland Longhaul
Managed Inland Long haul fiber project - $88M- 1748 mile Co-located on Enron sites starting in Portland, OR through Boise, ID, SLC, UT, Las Vegas, NV, to Los
Chaired meetings and managed deliverables from OSP, Prime and sub-contractors;
Negotiated site space with BLM for 10 year leases.
Managed Rack space for DWDM Nortel equipment.

Network Development Consultants-California March 1998-August 1998
Sr. Project Manager-Fiber Design
Managed and took field notes for fiber route from Bodega Bay, CA to Suisun City, CA. Notes were CAD drafted and submitted to MCI/WorldCom for alternate route.
OSP Consultants, Inc-Newark, DE December 1997-March 1998
Sr. Project Manager- Fiber Route Design
Designed 49 mile fiber route along CSX RR ROW for Delmarva Power/Connective.
Route was combination of plowing along CSX RR ROW and bridge attachment
over Susquehanna River bridge.

TelecomPlus, Inc-Dublin, CA August 1997-December 1997
Sr Project Manager
Acted as SPOC for Sprint PCS sites. Performed QA inspection on DSL T Screen cable installations; Determined physical addresses for Counties for 911 purposes.

Repeater Technologies-Sunnyvale, CA August 1996-August 1997
Senior Project Manager
Supervised installation of 800/900 MHz mini Cellular sites worldwide.
Commissioned 21 solar powered MW repeaters in Northern Pakistan along Kabul River 40 Km west of Peshawar.

Page 5 Carson
Aligned antennas, performed Frequency tests on Antenna leads.
Backbone system installed to keep Taliban in Afghanistan.

PT Tripatra Engineering-Surabaya, Indonesia February 1993-June 1996
Surabaya Field Office Director
Managed Telephone infrastructure installation on 42 World Bank funded sites on various islands from East Java to East Timor (Timor Timur).
Managed over 440 multinationals on island work crews.
Wrote safety Specifications;
Wrote Cable, Cross connect boxes installation specifications.
Gave presentations to PT Telecommunication on installation schedules; cable deliveries, cable testing, ROW problems, manning problems.
Had all specifications, policies, procedures translated into Bahasa Indonesia for future reference by locals.

Bell Atlantic-Szczecin, Poland January 1992-January 1993
Sr. Project Manager-Design/Construction
Managed Fiber construction Szczecin to Warsaw through Posnan and Bydgosch.
Innerduct plowed in and fiber was blown in by Dutch and Poles. Dutch used capstan method and Poles the shuttlecock method.
Designed copper distribution in City of Dabie.
Designed 2 directional bores under Oder River near Wrosclaw in south Poland.
QA inspection of Fiber Channel Installation at various sites.

TDS-Troy, New York January 1991-December 1991
Project Manager-REA sites
Designed REA 515 packages for various sites in NY, Maine, New Hampshire.
Held contractors meeting to award construction.
Designed HICAP in copper and fiber channel for 515 packages.
Reviewed Inspectors drawings and detail sheets to correct As-built Drawings.

Training & Certifications
Crane Certification on MMBRJ 2-1 Jamming device June 2008
Advanced Engineer & Inspector Training-Sewer Rehab(C.I.P.)-Rehab Roadshow-2001-Riverside, Ca.
National Association of Radio & Telecommunications Engineers, Inc. Certificate # E1-02939, Master with RF Radiating Endorsements (MW)
Fixed Ciphony Repair-Crypto, (AUTOSEVOCOM) US Army, Ft. Monmouth, NJ.
MBA Redlands University, Redlands, California. Thesis: Development Of A Quality Control Process To Compare Trouble Reports With Customer Attitudes After Installation Of An Electronic Telephone Office .
Page 6 Carson

BS EE, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
BA Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Wrote Development Of A Quality Control Process To Compare Trouble Reports With Customer Attitudes After Installation Of An Electronic Telephone Office (MBA Thesis)
Wrote Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) SONET Fiber Optic Ring Specifications from San Francisco to Pleasanton, CA for Bechtel Civil, Inc.
Wrote Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Fiber Optic SONET Ring Specifications, Burgan, Kuwait.
Wrote Excelcom Fiber Optic Specification and Training Manual for Indonesia backbone fiber route West (Jakarta) to East (Surabaya) on Java island.
Wrote Standard Operating Procedures, Remedial Instruction Manual for World Bank Construction Project on 42 sites on various Indonesian Islands.
Wrote Various IRUs, RFPs, RFQs, Specifications, SOWs while working on fiber and copper long haul routes and Microwave projects worldwide.
Wrote various Material delivery and construction implementation schedules,;
Wrote RFP for Cox Business Systems (CBS) to use for control of construction on
major clients installations. Combined various Cox groups requirements into a cohesive document that required several Vice-Presidents approval.
Wrote PowerPoint slides for Civil Affairs management training for FOB Commander and Civil Engineers (Seabees) detailing CIDNE, CERP, TIGRE, and personal folder inputting procedures.
Developed Trouble Ticket Reporting System, Contract compliance documents for Congressional Expeditionary Cell Communication System (ECCS) in Kandahar and Helmand region of Afghanistan installed by Mantech Corporation.

VETERAN Active SECRET Clearance

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