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Electrical Engineer

Primary Skills
10 yrs experience and a knowledge of modern practices and technologies utilized by the rail industry

US-NY-Brooklyn (will consider relocating)




I am seeking a technical role in electrical engineering WITH A VISA SPONSORSHIP. Therefore, positions which involve electrical testing, servicing, commissioning, designing or maintenance are of interest.
Electrical engineer with more than ten years` experience and a knowledge of modern practices and technologies utilized by the rail industry as well as a knowledge of rotating machines gained from working in the power generation sector. Proficient in electrical troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, planning and making modifications. Computer literate, handling advanced measuring instruments and possessing some mechanical experience, mostly with pneumatic and hydraulic systems, along with practical skills learned while employed in the construction industry. Have worked effectively as part of a team as well as on own initiative in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Italy, before working in the United Kingdom.
DC & AC (1 or 3phase) motors and AC generators electric motor control (inverters/propulsion systems) power electronics transformers three phase 11kV/415V switchboards and electrical protection systems AC/DC converters high-voltage switchgear control circuits and electronic/electric equipment PLC-s SCADA some HVAC experience testing and measuring equipment service computer and software tools for electrical fault finding circuit diagram reading safety compliance
07/2009-onwards Quartzelec, Rugby, U.K.
A company specializing in rotating machines maintenance and refurbishment.

Control Room Engineer
- Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of an electric plant based on two 410 MVA generators powering the nuclear research facility in Culham Center For Fusion Energy. This involves performing the machines start up and shut down procedures, fixing problems on auxiliary systems and changing settings on the excitation field control circuit with the machines running
- Carrying out electrical tests on the generators windings, 8.8MW induction motors windings (used as the driving machines) and 402 MW AC/DC converters (connected to the generators outputs and operated in pulsed power cycles)
- Operating and maintaining high-voltage equipment such as 11kV changeover switchgear, 11kV and 415V switchboards, operating transformers up to 33/11kV
- Testing and maintaining electrical protection systems for the transformers, AC/DC converters as well as for generators, motors and auxiliaries (cooling fans, lubricating pumps, etc.) powered through 11kV/415V switchboards
- Commissioning of an upgraded computer controlled system for running the generators

04/2008-03/2009 Cummins Generator Technologies, Stamford, U.K.
A company specializing in AC generator design, development and production.

Technical Center Engineer
- Conducted initial checks on winding resistance and insulation resistance, made adjustments to the generator control unit
- Carried out run tests and in-depth testing (quality sampling) on AC generators up to 600kVA at different speeds and electrical loads, to ensure the machines conform to the electrical specification and retain thermal stability

10/2005-03/2008 Brush Traction, Loughborough, U.K.
A company specializing in rolling stock maintenance and refurbishment.

Electrical Test Engineer
- Made insulation and continuity checks on electronic racks and electrical cubicles
- Tested electronic control modules
- Repaired and performed electrical and mechanical testing on locomotive parts such as: inverter modules, relays, control circuit switches, electro-pneumatic contactors and power circuit switches
- Carried out run tests, resistance and insulation checks on DC/AC traction motors and AC alternators

01/2000-01/2005 Bombardier Transportation, Wroclaw, Poland
A multinational company specializing in rolling stock design, production and service.

Electrical Test Engineer (05/2002-01/2005)
- Single-voltage electric locomotive project carried out in Poland and Italy in 2003
- Multi-voltage electric locomotive project implemented in Germany and Switzerland in 2004
- Detected and eliminated errors and malfunctions in locomotive circuitry and electric/electronic equipment during inspection routines. This included:
* preliminary testing (continuity/insulation tests of multi-line wiring, fiber optic cable tests),
* low voltage and control circuits tests following the software upload,
* tests on medium voltage circuits and auxiliaries (air conditioning units, main air compressor, transformer/converter coolant pumps, battery charger, traction motor blowers, etc.),
* high-voltage tests, checks on device redundancy
- Diagnosed and replaced high-voltage electronic/electric components (e.g. GTO thyristor / IGBT transistor modules)
- Read and interpreted blueprints, schematic and wiring diagrams
- Handled a test computer and equipment
- Operated PLC controlled equipment
- Created and corrected test manuals
- Provided training for launching procedures
- Commissioned and carried out quality control inspections
- Performed some mechanical maintenance, modifications, repairs of pneumatic/hydraulic systems

Electrical Service Engineer (01/2000 - 05/2002)
- Single-voltage electric locomotive project carried out in Poland in 2000-2001
- Multi-voltage electric locomotive project implemented in Germany and the USA in 2001-2002
- Inspected, maintained, performed troubleshooting and eliminated electrical breakdowns during dynamic tests and the inverters optimization process
- Planned and implemented electrical modifications including installation of new wiring and electrical components
- Installed and used measuring equipment in the course of taking certification measurements
- Made repairs and upgrades of service computers
- Handled technical documentation
- Created data files for label printing machines
- Tested steel samples for hardness in a factory laboratory

12/1998-01/2000 Self employed, Lodz, Poland
Working in the construction industry.
- Upgraded lighting and receptacle circuits in residential homes
- Performed installation of differential relays, time relays, circuit breakers and grounding
- Used hand and power tools
- Installed heaters, planned and constructed switchgears based on contactors and relays
1994-1998 BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Lodz, Poland.
Subjects studied: Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Electronics, Metrology.
1987-1991 Lodz High School, Poland. Majors: Mathematics, Physics.
2009, 2010 Quartzelec, Rugby, U.K.
Training on operating and maintaining high-voltage equipment up to 33kV and electrical protection systems. Electrical safety, work at height and behavioral safety courses.
2008 Cummins Generator Technologies, Stamford, U.K.
Training on testing AC generators up to 600kVA. Courses on first aid techniques and using cranes and pallet trucks.
2006 Brush Traction, Loughborough, U.K.
Training on testing DC traction motors (covering light runs and back-to-back load testing).
2000, 2002, 2004 Bombardier Transportation, Zurich, Switzerland;
Wroclaw, Poland; Bellinzona, Switzerland
Courses focused on electric, electronic, pneumatic devices, hardware and software applied on locomotives as well as work safety
2000 Association of Electricians, Wroclaw, Poland
Training dedicated to trolley wires, high-voltage devices and work safety
1997 ABB Industry, Lodz, Poland
Professional practice with inverter drives
SOFTWARE: Familiar with the following software: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Terminal, Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP, MS-Dos, Spice, AutoCAD, Lotus Notes, Pascal, basics of Assembler and Access.
EQUIPMENT/TOOLS: Experienced with the following test and measurement equipment: oscilloscope, AC power analyzer, harmonics analyzer, function generator, signal synthesizer, amplifier, digital multimeter (DMM), PC using Ethernet/PCMCIA or RS232 connection, Kelvin bridge, digital low resistance meter, analog milliohm meter (ducter), AC/DC current clamp meter, analog DC ammeter (with external shunt), AC current transducer, capacitance meter, impedance meter, gauss meter, digital 1kV DC insulation tester, AC/DC high current insulation tester, programmable digital (multi-line wiring) continuity/insulation tester, fiber optics tester, temperature data logger, RTD-s, air velocity meter, vibration meter, phase sequence tester, digital speedometer/stroboscope, commutator profile recorder (profiler), pressure gauge/valve regulator, DC power supply, isolation/auto transformer, decade/slide resistor, electrical reactor, rectifier.
Conversant with hand and power tools.
LANGUAGES: Speaks English and Polish, conversant in basic German and Russian.
Collaborated with technicians and inspectors in several international teams. Conducted training for technical staff in the USA. Gained the ability to perform work of various types in different environments.

Country of Residence: The United Kingdom
Nationality: Polish
Driving License: Full, clean
Work Eligibility: I am NOT currently eligible to work in the USA
Relocation: I am willing to relocate

Cycling, movies, photography

Available on request

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