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To obtain an aircraft mechanic position with an organization offering long-term career and advancement opportunities.

QUALIFICATIONS: A&P license. Over twenty years experience in the aviation industry as a flight line mechanic and lead line maintenance A&P.


UNITED AIRLINES, 6016 Avion Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90045 1991 - Present
Lead Line Maintenance A&P mechanic.
* Supervise, assign, and direct work performed at an "A" check on A-320/A319 Airbus and Boeing 757 based on lean requirements.
* Establish work requirements, planning, scheduling and assigning personnel, sequencing work, establishing priorities, identifying and securing resources, and handling of paperwork.
* Responsible for assessing team knowledge and abilities, and determining the training needs of the team.
* Train and instruct employees of many classifications; direct the work of others by communicating verbally and/or in writing shift-to-shift turnover, work status and priorities, job and safety expectations.
* Man the maintenance operations representative desk for hangar and terminal.
* Act as a liaison between internal and external customers at United Airlines.
* Coordinate and plan routine and irregular maintenance including emergency field services.
* From 1991 to 1999 as a mechanic, removed and installed all Boeing aircraft engines and APU's excluding Boeing 777. Performed "A" checks on 737, 767, 757, A319 & A320. Worked on Airbuses A319, A320, McDonald Douglas DC10-10, DC10-30, Boeing 727, 737, 757, 767, 747, and 777 including boroscoping of all united's fleet engines for specific problems and routine checks of compressor, combustion chamber, and turbines.
* Inspecting and Evaluating problems related to environmental systems, heating and air conditioning and restoring systems to fully functional and airworthy condition.
* Performed structural repairs as needed on aircraft surfaces i.e. metal patches or composite as required
* Performed routine work on all United's fleet 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC10-10, DC10-30, A319 & A320 mainly graveyard on all kinds of weather conditions (united airlines doesn't have a hangar at lax). Performed last minute gate repair of aircraft, as well as inbound gripes to insure on-time departure.
* Performed receipt and dispatch of all fleet. Relocated aircraft from hangar to terminal and vice versa on a daily basis.

MCDONALD DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT CORP., 3855 Lakewood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 1988 - 1989
Flight Line A&P Mechanic

* Performed systems checkout of flight controls, power plant, hydraulics, and environmental control.
* Performed pre-flight and post-flight repairs and modifications on aircraft as required meeting customer requirements on DC-10, MD-80, MD-83, and MD-87.

TRACOR AVIATION, INC., 495 S. Fairview Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Flight Line A&P Mechanic

* Made routine, periodic or special inspections of DC-10 aircraft systems, including hydraulic fuel and control surfaces and took corrective actions where standard procedures existed.
* Assisted on the removal and installation of jet or reciprocating aircraft powerplant, checked the installation and hook-ups by making preliminary pressure check and visual inspection of all powerplant systems, corrected any malfunctions or improper installations pre-flight, post-flight, and inspection of all aircraft systems.
* Serviced and directed the servicing of all types of aircraft, including cleaning windshields, servicing fuel systems and checking tire pressures.

ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP., 2825 E. Ave. P, Palmdale, CA 93550
1985 - 1988
Flight Operations A&P Mechanic, B-1B Division

* Performed post-flight Boeing 727. Removed and installed new Pratt & Whitney JTA-17 engines and pylons (hush kits). Tested engines and pre-flight aircraft. installed auxiliary long range fuel tanks. Removed and replaced bladder tanks. Performed post-flight Continental Boeing 747. Performed "C" check and pre-flight the aircraft.
* Responsible for operational checkout of fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic, environmental control, and coolanol systems (exclusive to B-1B). Made repairs and modifications, as necessary to restore systems to meet flight requirements on B-1B. Performed structure modifications and repairs. Installed wings and nacelles, pressure tested fuel systems for leaks and normal functions.
* Worked with small group of people at the research and development department building, testing and delivering x-31 aircraft.
* Performed last safety checks and testing of main space shuttle engines and orbital maneuvering system engines (OMS) while working at Rocketdyne a sub division of Rockwell int.


* Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA. 1984. Certificate in Aviation Maintenance Technology
* A&P License
* FCC Radio & Electronics Mechanic


* Engine boroscope inspection
* Radio & electronics principles of troubleshooting
* Engine and APU certified on DC-10 & MD-80 series
* 21 hrs. MD-11 systems training
* A320/319 systems intro
* Boeing 757, 747, 767, 737 & 777 systems intro.
* McDonnell Douglas DC-10 systems intro.
* High pressure safety
* Cryogenics safety
* Coax/waveguide handling
* Fuel tank entry
* Chemical film application
* Torque & safety
* Wing pivot pin installation
* Drill hole inspection
* Aircraft towing & brake riding
* Regulatory compliance
* Refuel/defuel
* Aircraft jacking
* Hazardous waste management
* Ejection seat cockpit safety
* Support test equipment 8100
* Environmental seal-faying surface only
* Threaded fastener installation
* Lockout and tag out
* Tire and wheel safety
* Oxygen handling
* R&E skills
* Human factors in maintenance
* Maintenance release
* Receive and dispatch
* Diversity in work place
* IAM-FAA flight safety seminar
* Fire fighting level II
* Jet way operations
* Etops policies and procedures
* Dangerous goods
* Spill prevention control and containment
* D.O.T alcohol and drug program
* Airworthiness tag 8130-3
* Sexual harassment training
* Reduce vertical separation
* A.H.A Heart saver AED
* A.H.A Heart saver First Aid
* Lean process training

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