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Sr Informatica Developer

Primary Skills
Oracle-SQL, Oracle-Packages, Store Procedures & Functions, Oracle-PL/SQL, Hive, Java Script, VB Script

US-NJ-South Orange (will consider relocating)




Seasoned senior ETL developer with over 15 years experience in ETL design, development. I am seeking a challenging position that will utilize my skills and experiences which will provide me with the opportunity for growth and advancement while contributing towards the achievements and values of any organization.

Area of Expertise:
Data Migration & Integration

Data Warehouse Design
Data Warehouse Development
PL/SQL Development

ETL design and process development

Informatica development & Performance Tuning

Informatica Data Quality Starter Pack
Relational & Dimensional Modeling
Report Development

Production Support


Programming Languages: Oracle-SQL, Oracle-Packages, Store Procedures & Functions, Oracle-PL/SQL, PIG, Hive, Java Script, VB Script, Visual-Basic, C, Java Swing, Core Java
Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 7, Hbase, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, MSAccess
Operating System: Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95, UNIX, Hadoop
Technical Tools: SQL Developer, SQL Developer Data Modeler, Erwin 8.1, TOAD, Informatica Powercenter & Power Exchange 8.6/9.1, Informatica Data Quality Starter Pack, Powercenter Scheduler, Visual Studio, SourceSafe, Global Event Control Server (SCHEDULER), ODBC, Microsoft Visio, Crystal Reports Pro, Notes Pump, Siperian Master Dada Management


Wipro Technologies Sept, 2011 - Mar. 2013
Client: Marsh & McLennan, Hoboken, NJ Sept, 2011 - Dec, 2012
Senior Informatica Developer/Lead
Project Summary and Goals: Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (MMC) is one of the world's largest professional services and insurance brokerage firms and is based in the United States. BASYS is the current US billing and fiduciary system used for Invoice Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payables. This 30 years old system requires manual and independent business processes resulting in operational inefficiencies and challenges in meeting client expectations. The initiative is to convert the current billing system to Oracle's financial system called Revenue Management & Billing (RM&B). There are number of downstream systems that require BASYS Revenue Files in their current format. It is therefore necessary, as part of the RM&B project, to reverse engineer required BASYS files.

Participation: I was the Informatica Developer/Informatica Lead, responsible for developing and leading the onshore and offshore developers in designing, developing, implementing, and supporting five critical database systems that were used for data migration and conversion project. These systems are as follow: The Global Integration Data Stage database is a global system that is a repository for the Marsh's colleagues and product information. The Reference schema database contains translation and reference data. The pre-stage database contains the legacy data that was loaded from the BASYS flat files. The RMB staging area contains the transformed data that will be deployed to the RMB application. The Financial staging database contains Invoice Billing, Account Receivable and Payable transactions, and Reference data. The converted data is used to feed the consuming application and data warehouse. Created conceptual, logical and physical data models. Duties over the course of the project included:
* Requirement Gathering and data Analysis of all supporting systems. Designed Informatica architecture and data flows.
* Gather Business Requirements and translate into Technical Specifications for Informatica ETL team.
* Provide technical strategies and directions to five onshore and four offshore Informatica developers.
* Extracted data from data warehouse to feed downstream systems. (Bill Inmon, Ralph Kimbal Methodology)
* Knowledge of extracting heterogeneous and homogeneous sources (XML, Flat Files, Tables, CSV)
* Developed, tested and migrated Informatica ETL mappings for OLTP AND OLAP systems. Mappings include but not limited
to the following: PLSQL Packages, Procedure and Functions, SQL Transformation, Update/Insert Strategy, Mapping
Parameters and Variables. Documented all associated mappings by creating Low Level Design documents. These
Documents are used by the production support teams.

Value Line, New York, NY Nov, 2010 - Feb, 2011
Senior ETL & Data warehouse Developer (2010 - 2011)
Project Summary and Goals: Value Line Inc. is one of the most widely used independent investment information services in the world. They provide comprehensive reference and useful information on stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. They had a global initiative to upgrade their legacy web base application and database. My primary responsibility was to this project.

Participation: I was the ETL Architect/Developer responsible for the data migration scripts for the Account Receivable, Payable, and Reference data from the OLTP system. The existing database was an Oracle 7i that focused on the transactional, reference and billing system. There were unique challenges due to the age of the version of the database. The short time frame involved, and the requirement to do deep analysis on the data was overcome by my ability to learn the database structure, performed detail analysis, and performed needed optimization and tuning. Value Line did not want to purchase any ETL tools so the ETL scripts were customizable using Oracle Packages and procedures. Created conceptual, logical and physical data models.Duties over the course of the project included:
Created ETL scripts using Packages and procedures to migrate data to Oracle's Revenue Management Billing

financial system (RMB).
Created translation and cleansing scripts using PLSQL Packages, Procedure, Functions and SQL.
Utilized Oracle performance tools to accurately optimized and tuned SQL scripts reducing extraction process by 70%.
Validated completeness and accuracy of converted data. Analyzed and validated data against business rules.
Developed scripts to enabled fast recovery of Oracle objects.
Developed PLSQL/SQL code using information from Metadata.

NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICAL, East Hanover, NJ Sept, 1998 - June, 2010
Senior ETL and Data Warehouse Developer (2008 - 2010)

Project Summary and Goals: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) researches, develops and markets patent-protected prescription drugs for important health needs. An outside company was contracted to redesign the legacy OLTP/OLAP territory management system. The Project was developed in a manner that had significant shortcomings at all layers of the system. I was part of a team responsible to enhanced and redesigned the Datastage ETL mappings for the existing adhoc data load processes and supported the new OLTP web application territory management and HR system.

Participation: The scope of this engagement included a redesign of the Datastage ETL adhoc load and extraction processes. The existing processes had not been created using best practices and this resulted in unacceptable load time, poor data quality, and poor query performance. After implementing a correct design the adhoc load times were cut by approximately 70%, and data quality and performances were improved dramatically. The existing ETL process was very error prone and was extremely difficult to understand, troubleshoot, and manage. The new process resulted in dramatically improved data quality, and system manageability. The technologies on this project included the following.

Responsibilities for the development of the logical and physical data models for the OLTP system.
Redesigned 24 Datastage ETL inbound and 70 Datastage ETL outbound mappings.

Supported and maintained the Materialized Views and Provision Layers for 70 downstream systems.
Developed PLSQL Packages, Procedure and Functions. Managed data for enterprise Data Warehouse.
Designed and developed reports using Crystal Reports Pro.

ETL Production Support - Sales & Marketing (2006 - 2008)
Project Summary and Goals: The legacy territory management system is an OLTP enterprise application written in Visual Basic, Oracle, and Crystal reports that was used to manage the Sales Representatives personal information and territories. This application is used throughout the main and regional offices to align Novartis sales associate territories, personal information, and provides reports and data to over seventy internal and external systems including Financial.

Participation: The scope of this engagement includes supplying technical support to the business users, ensuring that daily extraction was sent to the various departments as schedule, analyzing and fixing production technical issues, meeting with the business owners, Financials Analyst, and project managers to gather information for enhancements. Duties include:

Maintained the OLTP logical and physical models.

Optimized and tuned existing ETL scripts (SQL and PL/SQL).
Maintained, supported, and created ETL scripts for the inbound and outbound systems.
Managed the load and extraction of data to over seventy internal and external systems.
Designed and developed reports using Crystal Reports pro for financial department and stake holders for analysis.
Extensive use of VB, Unix Shell Script, Store Procedures, Functions, Packages, SQL, PL/SQL and Crystal reports.
Senior ETL Developer/Application Developer (2006 - 2008)
Project Summary and Goals: The sales and marketing financial executives relied on the data from the territory management system for data mining, online analytical processing, market research and decision support. The data was extremely important so special efforts were made to make sure the data was cleaned, transformed, catalogued and simple to read.

Participation: Lead all aspects of the ETL data extraction and reporting processes. This involved overseeing logical and physical data modeling and stored procedure. This process had run into major trouble because of the inaccuracy of the data. I was responsible for delivering, cleaning, and transforming accurate data while keeping the data extraction processes on schedule. This also included redesigning the reporting processes in Crystal Report Pro and tuning the ETL scripts, ETL scripts were written using Oracle's PLSQL Packages, Procedures, and Functions.

Senior ETl and Application Developer-Production Support (1998 - 2006)

Project Summary and Goals: The Sample Operations group manages the Sales Representatives samples in regards to their

sample accountability. Their focus is to monitor distribution of product samples. They needed the capability to reduce the risks typically associated with sample accountability and ensure that Novartis is compliant with all PDMA regulations. Additionally, they wanted to reduce the individual PDMA risk born by sales representatives. This was a large project to replace the legacy software system currently used.

Participation: Lead all aspects of the development during the OLTP full project life cycle. Worked with the sample operation business owners and users to developed business requirements. Defined the GUI. Define high level data flows processes, and supplied technical solutions to specific business requirements. Performed logical and physical data modeling during the database development phase. Defined system architecture to support business needs. Worked within a team environment during the coding testing and deployment phase. Duties over the course of the project included:

Defined business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing,
Defined the scope and develop user requirements for the projects.
Created and managed the training environment as well as creating training documents.
Created Lotus Notes GUI interface, Stored Procedures, Functions, SQL, PL/SQL, and ETL principles to support the application.
Crystal Report Pro Development.

HOECHST MARION ROUSELL, Bridgewater, NJ June, 1996 - Sept, 1998
Senior ETL, Application and Data Warehouse Developer (1996 - 1998)
Project Summary and Goals: Hoechst Marion Rousell engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and sale of pharmaceutical products. The Biologist needed an OLTP GUI based system to do substructure searches on chemical compounds. The existing system was dos base and extremely slow. Chemists and Biologists consistently need the ability to request compounds for research. Using the existing paper based system to disburse and track compounds was inefficient and did not meet FDA regulations. They needed a system that was robust and user friendly and had the capability for reporting. Hoechst underwent realignment and was shutting down their Kansa City operation.They needed to consolidate the research development data with the data at the Bridgewater office. I was part of a team responsible for this project.

Participation: I was the Software developer, Data Architect and Data analysis during this engagement and was part of a team responsible for the multiple developments of the listed projects. I was also part of a team responsible for migration of the research data from INGRESS to Oracle 7. Routine duties through the course of these engagements included:

Designed, developed and migrated the OLTP GUI application for substructure searches on chemical compounds.

Designed and developed customizable reporting using Visual Basic. Created conceptual, logical and physical models.

Part of a team responsible for the architecting the research data warehouse project.
Developed PLSQL Packages, Procedures, and Functions for ETL


BS, Computer Science, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

AS, Engineering Technology, Essex County College, Newark, NJ

AS, Electronic Engineering, Radio & Electronics School, Nutley, NJ


Designing an Effective Data Warehouse: Learning Tree
Big Data Analysis with Hadoop, Pig, Hive, & HBase , Solution Solvexis Online
Informatiica Powercenter 9.1, Faculty Online

Core JAVA, Netcome

Data Modeling & Data Warehouse Concepts, VTC Online University

Essential of Business Analysis, Villanova Online University

System Analyst & Design with UML, Learning Tree

Visual C++, Learning Tree, C++, Learning Tree

See above


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