Lead Solution Architect Resume

Lead Solution Architect

Primary Skills
Java/J2EE, EAI/SOA, Application Integrator/Solution Architect/Technology Evangelist, SDLC System Architecture



Lead Solution Architect/SOA/WS/J2EE/EAI



• Results-oriented smart-working skilled Professional with 14+ years of experience in Software Development Industry.
• 10+ years as an Application Integrator, Solution Architect & Technology Evangelist, SDLC System Architecture/Design, Business Process Automation.
• 9+ years in Java/J2SE/J2EE; 7+ years in SOA/EAI.
• Development of Enterprise Architecture Processes, Policies and Standards.
• Developed SOA, EAI, J2EE, Web Services and Workflow based solutions for cost reduction, quick response time, integration with disparate systems and efficiency improvements.
• Working effectively with Stakeholders (business and technical including Executive Management) within large organizations; liaising with third party vendors, global team and system integrators.
• Technical Design Authority and Assurance (Architecture Reviews, Program Assurance and Governance); ensuring adherence to Group IT strategy, Architecture, Policies and Standards.
• RFI's (Request for Information), RFP's (Request for Proposal), SOW's (Statement of Work), SOC's (Statement of Compliance) & ITT's (Invitation to Tender); Documents such as Functional Requirement, Technical Design, Work Plan, Configuration, Installation, Deployment and User Manuals.
• Decisions for Architecting, Designing, Building and Management of small/large scale services/components based Enterprise Business Solutions.
• Establish Organizational Partnerships; Communicate across the organization; foster collaboration; Negotiate effectively; and Navigate politics.
• Build and maintain Customer Driven Culture.
• Enterprise Architecture Models (Business, Applications, Data, and Technology).
• Risk Identification and Management.
• Working complex problems through to simple solutions recognizing synergies and options; Managing Business and Technical JAD Sessions, Stakeholders meetings.
• Researching new technologies that can drive business innovation.


• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication with Computer Science.


• JSSP: Java Server Side Programming Certification by Teck-Check.
• SCJP: Sun Certified Java Programmer.
• BCJP: Brain-Bench Certified Java Programmer.
• MCSD: Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.
o MCP: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures.
o MCP: Designing and Implementing Databases with MS SQL Server 7.0.
o MCP: Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with MS VB 6.0.
o MCP: Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with MS VB 6.0.
• DHTML Certification: CTI, South Africa.
• Peer Recognition Award: Accenture, SA and Work Appreciation/Experience Letters from Hewlett Packard, Accenture and other clients.


• Business Process Reengineering/Automation (BPR/BPA).
• GoF Design Patterns, Component Based Development (CBD).
• Performance Engineering, Software Quality Assurance.
• Personality improvements and behavioral patterns.
• Presentation and Communication Skills.


SOA/EAI/ESB Technologies BEA Aqualogic SOA Toolset (BPM Suite, Studio, Enterprise Server, Aqualogic Service Bus - ALSB, Aqualogic BPM - ALBPM, Aqualogic DSP - ALDSP), Sonic ESB, SonicMQ, IBM MQ Series, MQ Workflow, POJO, JMS .NET
Design Methodologies SOA, OOP, OOAD, Component Based Development (CBD), Test Driven Development (TDD)
Architectural Methodologies SOA, EAI, ESB, RUP, J2EE, XFA, MDA, SCM
Modeling/Designing/ELT Tools Aqualogic BPM Studio, Synopsis, Oracle's Process Designer, Rational Rose, Rational Requisite-Pro, Sparx Enterprise Architect, ProVision, Eclipse, Visio, ER-Win
Technologies Data Services and Web Services (BPEL, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI), J2SE (Swing, AWT, RMI, JAI, JNI, Networking),
J2EE (JSP, JSTL, Servlet, JNDI, EJB, JMS, JDBC, JMX, JCA, JTA), XML Schema, Struts, MQ Workflow, CORBA, Adobe Designer & Form Server, Hibernate, PB, VB, XSD, JAXB, JAXP, PB, VB
IDEs/Editors RAD, WSAD, NetBeans, jDeveloper, Eclipse, MS FrontPage
Frameworks/Middleware/Patterns MVC, JSE/J2EE Models and Design patterns, Struts, Spring, JMS, IBM MQ Series
Portal Oracle/IBM/Vignette Portal, Content Management, DPM/DPS
Application Servers Oracle, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, JRun, Tomcat, Apache
Development Tools Eclipse, JDeveloper, WSAD, JBuilder, NetBeans, Visual Age, PB, VB, Visibroker
Performance Analysis Tools OptimiseIt, Jprobe
Testing/Logging Framework/Tools Mantis, Maven, jUnit, XML Unit, Log4j, Java Logging API
Version Control Tools VSS, CVS, Subversion
Workflow IBM MQ Workflow, K2 Web Service, .NET
Databases (RDBMS) Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, DB2, PL/SQL, E-R Modeling, TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, ERWin
Case Tools Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, WinCVS
Network Protocol SOAP, HTTP, SNMP, DHCP, DNS
POJO EJB3.0, Hibernate
Security WS-Security, SAML, XML-DSig, JAAS, PAM, SSL/TLS
Operating Systems MS-DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP, Macintosh, Solaris, UNIX, AIX, HPUX, Linux
Project Management Tools MS Project
Presentations / Documentations MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, MS Excel
Web Page Design HTML, DHTML, Java Script, CSS


Hewlett-Packard, Boise, ID (Thru Axiom Sources LLC, MD)
SOA Architect
Dec 2007 -- Till Date

Client Locations: Boise, ID, Augusta, ME and Johannesburg, South Africa.

My client is one of the largest Mobile Service Providers predominantly based in South Africa with millions of subscribers. In order for subscribers to use services (i.e. services such as WAP, MMS, GPRS, VFLive, PTT etc.) their phones/devices need to be automatically detected and properly configured according to their handset and services subscribed.
Integrated Solution is based on SOA architecture with 2 major modules called ADD (Automatic Device Detection) and ADC (Automatic Device Configuration).

• Overall Solution Design that includes end-to-end Process Flow, Web Services definitions/message formats/security credentials/SLAs/Constraints/system alerts, integration interfaces etc using BEA AQUALOGIC SB 3.0 and AQUALOGIC BPM 6.0.
• Creation of Data services using BEA AQUALOGIC DSP 3.0 (now ODSI)
• Preparation of RFP, RFI, ITT, SOW, SOC, System Spec/Design Doc, ATP and review of responses.
• Signing Authority for all the technical documents for the project.
• Data Analysis and Modelling (conceptual, logical, physical).
• Creation of Technical Policies and Standards.
• Develop Business and Technical Roadmaps.
• Integration with .NET, iCAP, USSD, Morpheus, Customer Care, SMSC, MMSC.
• Work allocation, collaboration and management of 3 development teams with more than 45 people that are geographically located at USA, South Africa.
• Reporting to senior management like CIO, Country Manager, Project Manager and client side teams' management (which are more than 30 people in 4 teams) related to any system design issues as well as business issues.
• Overall Head of the Project delivery from Technical as well as Business side.
• Technical Design Assurance of Offshore Consultancy deliverables.

Environment: BEA SOA Toolset (AQUALOGIC BPM, AQUALOGIC SB, AQUALOGIC DSP, XML, XSLT, XML schema), BPEL, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, SAML, .NET, Sparx Enterprise Architect, WebLogic Application Server, Tomcat, Oracle, Mainframe (legacy), Test Director.

SOA/Portal Architect
Apr 2007 - Dec 2007

South African Broadcast Corporation

SABC is the largest broadcast Channel in SA providing TV programs related to entertainment, education, wild life, adventure, sports, public awareness etc. Many glassed-in studios are there in the area from where many radio stations, like 5FM and Metro FM, broadcast their programs.


• Evaluated SOA Toolsets from IBM, Oracle and BEA.
• Created reusable shared services infrastructure through web services creation to act like an adapter to integrated systems.
• SOA Security implementation.
• Provide Technical Architecture consultancy to multiple concurrent projects (like www.tvlic.co.za, www.sabckids.co.za, www.safm.co.za, www.airtime.co.za etc.)
• Understand business problems and recommend options including costs and risks.
• Review RFP's, evaluate responses/product vendors and recommend solutions.
• Create overall Architecture, System Spec and Design Doc.
• Design reusable components based on JSR 168 to be used in all portal applications.
• Working closely with Quality Assurance (QA) department.

Environment: SOA, Oracle BPM/ESB, Aqualogic BPM/SB, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, Sparx Enterprise Architect, SAML, X.509 D-Sign, Vignette Portal and Content Management System, Oracle, HPUX, HP Blades, Loadrunner.

GijimaAst, South Africa
SOA Architect
Jun 2006 - Apr 2007

Government Employee Pension Fund Pretoria, SA
GEPF is the largest pension fund in Southern Africa providing different pension plans to more then 17 million people with annual revenue of $18 billion.


• Define overall strategic plans for reducing human intervention for pension payouts, auditing dockets, data analysis/cleaning to stop frauds.
• Reduced labor costs and improved efficiency for different exit reasons, Pre-Audit and benefit calculator through BPA and integrated solutions using Progress SONIC products like Sonic ESB and SonicMQ. Data transformations using ESB capabilities and XML, XSLT and XPath.
• Used OpenEdge adapters to connect to existing Oracle RDBMS, Legacy mainframe systems.
• Used CAA and DRA Architecture to provide 24x7x365 availability, security and scalability.
• Development of SOA framework to guide GEPF on the design and implementation of SOA based Solutions, encompassing:
o Vision and Strategy
o Technical Reference Model
o Methodology
o Policies, Standards, Patterns and Governance
• UML Artifacts using Rational Rose and Database design using ER-Win.
• Worked with CIO, stakeholders, project Owners, Testers and Users.

Environment: Sonic ESB, SonicMQ, Web Services, J2EE (JSP, JMS, EJB, JDBC), Oracle, XML, XSLT, Rational Rose, Erwin, Linux.

Hulab Pty. Ltd., South Africa
J2EE/SOA Architect
Jan 2006 - Jun 2006

SA Warehouse - Johannesburg, SA
SA warehouse is providing ladies/gents wear and accessories, sunglasses, toys, and cosmetics to major stores with annual revenue of $3 million.


• Client requirement analysis and suggest process improvements.
• Designed J2EE, Web services based Solution.
• Web services have been created as an integration points to their internal systems.
• Project's Technical Sign off, Test Cases Preparation, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Bugs fixing/Change Requests, Performance Testing, and maintenance.
• Administer JBOSS Application Server.
• Interface with SAP system for customer data, .NET for workflow instructions and scanner devices to read bar codes through Delphi application.
• Managed 12 people's team and reporting to management.

Environment: SOA, J2EE (JMS, EJB, JSP), JUnit, XMLUnit, .NET, Delphi, SAP, Ant, Oracle RDBMS, JBOSS.

Technology Evangelist & Solution Architect
Oct 2004 -- Dec 2005

A division of Barclays Group, Being the largest financial services provider in SA, ABSA is reaching to more then 28 million people with its different products and services like home/personal loans, provident funds, credit/debit cards, personal/business accounts etc with annual revenue around $22 billion. I have had managed dual responsibilities of Technology Evangelist as well as Solution Architect.


• Managed dual responsibilities with flying colors as Technology Evangelist and Solution Architect.
• Defining Business and I.T. strategies through JAD Sessions, Standardization, participating in group discussions involving CIO, Project Owners, Stakeholders and Users.
• Creation of Integration Strategy.
• Implemented RUP/SCM.
• Evaluated and Implemented Adobe Enterprise Products like Form Server and Designer, J2EE and WAS on IBM AIX V5.3 box.
• Designed and Implemented Home/Revolving/Personal Loan, Savings Account, and Cheque.
• Account and Provident Funds application with 60% success rate for the online applications without human intervention with Rules Engine in place. First phase was with Adobe Products, J2EE/EAI and XML while the second phase was an integrated solution involving SAP and Mainframe as well.
• Define Non-Functional Requirements and Impact assessment reports.
• Liaise with 3rd parties and represent the company to investors.
• Representing the architectural interests of the company.
• Assurance of technical solution highlighting costs and risks including code reviews.
• Integration with SAP, mainframe and other proprietary Systems.
• Responsible for Technical Design, Coding and Testing, Planning, Tracking, Guiding and managing the development by 25 member team.

Environment: RUP/SCM, RAD, WSAD, EAI, Websphere Application Server, Adobe Product Suite (Designer, Form Server), XFA, J2EE, Oracle, AIX.

Mutual and Federal Insurance Co.
J2EE Integration Architect
Jun 2002 -- Oct 2004

M&F is one of the first insurance companies in SA with 100+ years of service.


• Technical design assurance for J2EE/WS based development.
• Streamlining of the project process & Consolidation and creation of architecture.
• Creation of technical policies and standards.
• Business and Technical Road Mapping.
• Work closely with the I.T. Management to define the I.T. Strategy.
• Creation of an EA model (Process, Information, Application, Technical).
• Impact assessments for change requests.
• Evaluation and documentation of the IT Landscape, problems and recommendations.
• Designed and Implemented WMS (WorkFlow Management System), IBBES (Internet Based Broker Enquiry System) & Q2P (Quote to Policy) includes Insurance/Household policy details, claims processing, Agent's interaction and intelligent rules based routing, reporting etc using J2EE, Web Services and Oracle
• Integration with .NET application for claims data, mainframe for customer data.
• Analyze improvement areas for system Performance; develop technical documents and specifications.
• Implemented New VPMS Rules Engine with Oracle/XML/SOAP communication and dramatically reduced turn around time by 600% when the insurance rates are changing based on the business rules defined.
• BPR/BPM/BPA implementation for products like Household, Car, Life and Third Party insurances. Improved efficiency by automatic.
• Managed 11-persons dynamic team with the responsibility of mentoring them.

Environment: J2EE (JMS, JSP, EJB, JDBC), Web Services (WSDL, UDDI SOA), EAI, Oracle, .NET, Mainframe, Sparx Enterprise Architect, JUnit

Hurix Systems Ltd.
Project Architect
Oct 2001 -- June 2002

IT consulting group providing technology solutions to Online books publishing, content management and asset management systems in India and Abroad.


• Designed and Implemented full SDLC cycle of CMS (Content Management System),
HR System and DHCP-LDAP Console based on J2EE/XML Technologies for McGraw-Hill Company, CA USA.
• CMS is browser based Internet application by which Project Managers can schedule their projects, can do task assignment, monitoring and assignee can update task status, forward to its colleague; leave status, automatic notification etc. This is basically an online project planner.
• CMS has improved efficiency and provided control over the tasks internationally and maintaining the timeline therefore. Overall turn around time has improved to 300%.
• HR system simulates the workflow for the new hire.
• Reporting to Project Manager and CIO.

Environment: J2EE (JMS, EJB, JSP/Servlet, Spring), Oracle.

Cygnet Software Systems
Java Architect
Jan 2001 -- Sep 2001

IT software development group specializes in Network Management Software Products with global clientele.


• Designed/Implemented full SDLC cycle of Network Management Product called: Constel.
• Constel is a web-enabled multi-tier architectural framework that allows Network Applications and services to seamlessly interact with each other to create flexible and robust system that can be easily customized.
• Solution Architecture was based on SOA/ESB like architecture with CORBA/J2EE/XML technologies like JMX, JDMK, JAAS, JSP, EJB, JMS, Hibernate and Servlet.
• Used SNMP, DNS, DHCP and SNMP protocols.
• Software is ideal for internet Services Providers and network management groups.

Environment: J2EE, CORBA, XML, JMX, JDMK, JAAS, Hibernate, SNMP, DNS, DHCP

Info-Quest Software Exports Ltd.
Java/J2EE Developer
Feb 2000 -- Dec 2000

IT software development firm providing medium scale Java/J2EE based Solutions.


• Full SDLC Projects for Student and Faculty Monitoring System and Online Testing on Java/J2EE technologies like JSP, Servlet, JDBC with Oracle RDBMS.

Environment: Java/J2SE, J2EE (Servlet, Spring, JDBC), Oracle

Suvi Information Systems Ltd
Project Architect
Apr 1998 -- Jan 2000

Software Development firm providing eBusiness solutions on Power Builder, Oracle and Java. Started Java/J2SE Swing, JDBC based in-house development like EPAS - Employee Performance Appraisal system.


• Full Process Automation for the largest yarn producing company in eastern India called Hind Syntex Ltd.
• Achieved Process efficiency by apx. 500% by integrating their Dispatch, Raw Material, Excise, Export, Dye-house etc modules.

Online Information Technology Ltd
Software Engineer/Developer
Jun 1995 -- Mar 1998

Software Development firm providing solutions on PowerBuilder and Oracle.


• Full SDLC Projects for Oil Producing Company and Daily evening newspaper groups.
• Siddharth Soya Information System: It's an ISO certified and largest refined oil producer in central India. The system was developed to cater to intra and inter departmental information needs.
• AgniBaan Library Maintenance System: AgniBaan is the leading Evening Daily of central India. Being a press library it has to maintain a large amount of data. The main aim of the system is to facilitate add/update/delete/view/search functionality of all the related material based on a topic specified, storage location and date.
• Both Solutions were based on PowerBuilder 5.0/6.0 and Oracle 7.x.
• Achieved customer satisfaction by providing automated functions, quick response time, cost reduction and reduced human intervention.
• Oracle processes were transferring data from module to module in batch scenarios.

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