Senior Front End Developer Job Posting

Job Title:
Senior Front End Developer
Company: Brilliant Basics
Position Type: Permanent
Pay Rate: Annual salary £40,000 - £450000 depending on experience
Date Posted: Jan-11-17


- Build experiences which meet UX expectations, from quick prototypes to fully fledged products and be able to feed back improvements proactively where new technologies may have enabled better solutions
- Be able to inform technical design decisions and follow these patterns to meet solution goals, learning new technologies and tools quickly where required
- Bring inspiring ideas and motivation into an energetic and collaborative team and be able to build solutions to design requirements
- Lead teams of developers to effectively build high quality deliverables within budget
- Architect front end frameworks for small and medium complexity projects ensuring that this meets back end integration and user experience goals
- Champion domain processes and standards to ensure that deliverables meet consistency and quality goals across projects

Key Qualifications & Skills:

- A minimum of 4+ years of experience working at a digital agency as front end developer
- A keen knowledge of creating web experiences for mid and large sized organisations
- Portfolio of key projects delivered in past years
- Worked within collaborative, cross-functional teams to deliver multiple, successful
- Competence | Confidence | Communication Creativity| Consistency | projects
- Proven capability in systematic debugging issues
- Generate clean maintainable HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
- Demonstrable proficiency with jQuery
- Knowledge of modern build tools and the ability to explain how such tools optimise development
- Understanding of the prototypal inheritance of the Javascript language and how to leverage it when building complex applications
- Experience with modern frameworks and approaches such as Angular and React and Redux
- Ability to describe the fundamental principles behind Javascript and how it differs from other languages such as Java or PHP
- Excellent attention to detail--focused and thorough
- Experience using CSS pre-processors and ability to describe nuances between them
- Understanding of building modular front ends suitable for CMS integration
- Demonstrable implementations of RESTful interfaces transacting data via XML or JSON and ability to explain performance considerations taken when building these
- Ability to talk about user experience and how this impacts technology choices and architecture
- Ability to travel abroad

A plus

- Good oral and written communication skills
- An eye for design
- Full stack development experience

Location: United Kingdom-London
Telecommute: No (Onsite Position)
Contact Name: Joana Condeco
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:

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